Sep 5, 2007

33 Different Ways To Lace Shoes.

Can you think how many possible ways are there to lace an average shoe?
This simple question, when answered by mathematicians, resulted in some surprisingly big numbers -Whilst mathematics tells us that there are more than 2 Trillion Methods of feeding a lace through the six pairs of eyelets on an average shoe. Here are 33 ways to tie your shoes.

Criss+Cross+Lacing.gifCriss Cross Lacing. Also referred to as "Traditional Lacing" or "Zig Zag Lacing".

SpiderWebLacing6.gifSpider Web Lacing. "Another decorative lacing method used on military boots, which is like Ladder Lacing running at an angle, creating a woven web of shoelace. You can also see a much more detailed description of this technique on Bootdog's Spiderweb Lacing page".

OneHandedLacing6.gifOne Handed Lacing. "As an alternative to the One Handed Shoelace Knot, this way of lacing eliminates the need to even tie a knot by leaving one end loose".

KnottedLacing6.gifKnotted Lacing. "Adding an overhand knot at each crossover & keeps the lacing much firmer. Ideal for tightening ice skates, etc".

HashLacing8.gifHash Lacing. Sometimes referred to as "Trellis Lacing" or "Noughts & Crosses Lacing".

Many more Lacing Ways & Lacing Techniques: Link

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