Aug 9, 2007

Top 10 Most Interesting Key Fobs

Here are top 10 car key fobs. So which of these would you like to own?

Bentley keyThe renowned Bentley flying wing logo is prominently situated on the back of the fob, with the signature "B" in black and white at the center of the wing.

Mercedes-Benz keyChrome surrounds the sides of the fob and a large Mercedes-Benz logo graces the center.

Jaguar key The sides of the fob are trimmed in sparkling chrome while the back of the fob displays "Jaguar" and the world-famous leaping cat logo.

Land Rover key The Land Rover's fob features a metal key housed inside heavy-duty plastic, which allows the fob to withstand a 30-foot drop onto concrete.

 Audi key With the push of a small chrome button, the spring-loaded key pops out of its plastic holder.

BMW key The fob's design remains true to the Teutonic theme of BMWs in general; its design follows function - no flashy chrome anywhere.

Lexus key Made of silver-colored plastic, the Lexus fob receives unique concave and convex features that make it seem as if it were sculpted to rest naturally in your palm.

Volvo key Than the traditional metal key, Volvo's latest key design relies on a groove for the ignition.

Infiniti key The thin oval shape of the Infiniti key is small when stored in a pocket or purse.

Cadillac key The sleek new fob has a distinctive semicircular shape with the signature Cadillac wreath and crest insignia on the reverse side.


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