Aug 17, 2007

Toothpick Carvings.

train.jpgThis is a 9 car freight train which was carved for "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" museum & what makes this special is that, you can see between the wheels. Click on the image to enlarge.

Toothpick Carvings (3)  1Here you can see the cartoon characters Tweety Bird & Sylvester the Cat.

caption.jpgThis sea captain has gold buttons on his coat and a gold pin on his hat & with a wooden leg stands on Coors Light can.

wizards.jpgA group of wizards.

comedian.jpgComedian with a microphone.

golfer.jpgGolfer with a Big Bertha in hand, standing on a Maxfli golf ball.

Toothpick Carvings (3)  2What's that standing on a flying saucer.

Pittsburgh.jpgPittsburgh team standing on a baseball & holding his Louisville Slugger.

fish.jpgNotice the fly in the mouth.

Toothpick Carvings (3)  3Here you got one with cigars in hand standing on a bundle of Havana's.

baseball.jpgHave you observed which shoes this basketball player is wearing? You got it right, its Nike.

basket.jpgPittsburgh Steeler standing on a football & he too is wearing Nike.

How much effort one has to make to do these carvings & paint them? If you ask us, we can't even make a hole in a toothpick without breaking it in half. May be its just some people are good at art & crafts & some aren't.

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