Aug 30, 2007

Metro Stations.

Who says metro stations or subways had to be uninteresting? If you thought so, have a look at these stations!


Petersburg MetroPetersburg Metro.

Balti++Journal+Petersburg+metro+station..jpgBalti Journal-Petersburg metro station.



Kirovskiy+Zavod.JPGKirovskiy Zavod.




Petersburg Metro, "it all started with eight stations : from "Square uprising" to "Avtovo", which to this day is one of the most beautiful stations. Today CAF subway consists of 59 working stations connected four lines. In addition to these 59 stations has one built but unused station ( "Admiralty"), and a number of stations (fifth line), the construction of which started, but now hardly any".


Entrance+of+station++Cite.jpgEntrance of station "Cite" (Art Nouveau from H. Guimard).

RATP+Paris+Cit%C3%A9.jpgRATP Paris Cité.

Metro+station+Chatelet.jpgMetro station Chatelet (line 14, fully automated).

Gare+de+Lyon+station.jpgGare de Lyon & metro number 14.

Metro+station++Cit%C3%A9+,+Paris.+Tube,+Subway.jpgMetro station "Cité".

Metro+station+Chauss%C3%A9e+d%27Antin-+Lafayette+in+Paris.jpgMetro station Chaussée d'Antin - Lafayette.


Montparnasse+station,+Paris.jpgMontparnasse station.

Lazare Lazare subway station.

Michel StationMichel Station.

Gare+de+Lyon.jpgGare de Lyon station.

The Paris Metro system, which has become one of the symbols of Paris, is notable for the density of its network in central Paris, and for its homogeneous architectural style, influenced by Art Nouveau.



Ground+lobby.jpgGround lobby located on Arbatskaya Square.

Landing+station+platform.+1950.jpgLanding station platform(Paveletskaya1950).

Central+hall.+1990.jpgCentral hall (Paveletskaya 1990).

Central+hall.+2000.jpgCentral hall (Paveletskaya 2000)

Station+Kiev.jpgKiev Station.

The+station+Komsomolskaya.jpgKomsomolskaya station.

Station+Square+of+the+Revolution.jpgStation Square.

Moscow+Metro,+Kievskaya+station.jpgKievskaya station.

Ceiling+Komsomolskaya+station.jpgCeiling Komsomolskaya station. Komsomolskaya is a station on the Koltsevaya Line of the Moscow Metro, the most opulent in a system known for its palatial stations.

Moscow metro "impress everybody, who appears there first time. It is a unique monument of architecture of "Stalin's empire style" and Soviet history".

Update: Thanks to Sanjuro for helping us with some corrections in Paris Metro System.

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