Aug 2, 2007

Hotels With A Difference.

Ice Hotel, Sweden
Hotels With A Difference
A hotel built of ice and snow. Ice Hotel is world famous for its unique concept, its creative works of art and its extraordinary experiences. The fairy tale nature of Ice Hotel brings out the child in guests of all ages.

The Old Jai? Mount, Mount Gambier, Australia

Hotels With A Difference Mount Gambier has been transformed into a lodging for budget travelers.

Daspark Hotel Lintz, Austria

Hotels With A Difference
Have you ever wanted to stay in a drainpipe? "Perhaps if you named your own price, would it sweeten the deal? The team at Dasparkhotel seems to think so. The drainpipes have been converted into mini guest rooms that consist of a double bed, a bedside table and a lamp."

Fur N' Feathers Rainforest Tree Houses, Australia

Hotels With A Difference "The Fur n' Feathers Rainforest Tree Houses in Australia manage to combine the two. This beautiful accommodation is a wildlife sanctuary, located on more than 100 acres of rainforest. Guests lodge in the luxury pole houses that overlook the Ithaca River, which offer privacy. A stay at Fur n' Feathers provides a treat from the stress of daily life with a unique, eco-friendly twist."

Green Magic Treehouses Kerela, India

Hotels With A Difference If you ever wanted a tree house in your childhood here is something for you: "The Green Magic Treehouses in Kerela, India may be a long awaited dream come true. The houses are built in trees 90 feet high, in a tropical rainforest. All of the houses are made of Eco- friendly materials, and run by alternate energy sources, avoiding conventional electricity power. This, along with the beautiful abundance of flora and fauna, make for a beautiful and unique place to stay."

Mcmenemins Kennedy School Hotel Portland, Oregon

Hotels With A Difference Revisiting a school & willing to stay there happily: "The Kennedy School, a historic elementary school, has been converted into a delightful little place to stay while visiting the Portland area. Each room, fashioned from original schoolrooms, contains a chalkboard and comes fitted with a phone, Internet connection, and even a private bath."

Woodlyn Park Motels Waitomo, New Zealand

Hotels With A Difference How about staying in plane? "Woodlyn Park in Waitomo, NZ offers three unique lodging options. A 1950's railcar and a Bristol plane have been refurbished and transformed into small self-contained motel units."

The Capsule Inn Tokyo, Japan

Hotels With A Difference
Japanese are a known for their efficiency. "The Capsule Inn provides more of well - a capsule, than a room. While the Inn provides a public lounge space, including bathrooms, guests stay in a capsule unit. These capsules, which are made of reinforced plastic, have all the required amenities, like TV, radio, lighting, and alarm clock access. While you may be asking, required amenities for whom? A quick stay in the Capsule Inn just might make you long for an all access capsule of your own."

Woodpecker Hotel Vasteras, Nr Stockholm, Sweden

Hotels With A Difference You got one more tree house here: "Tree house set 13 metres above a Swedish public park, with rope ladder access only. Thirteen metres is a long way up any tree, let alone a 130 year oak tree in the central park of Vasteras near Stockholm, Sweden. Reached via a sturdy, but wobbly rope ladder the platform has an impressive view of the park below and out to the lake beyond. Pull up the rope ladder and you retire to find the treehouse well thought out and equipped. From an IKEA bed and duvet, heater and cooking facilities to the most valued of all items when you're at the top of a tree, a toilet, Mikael has thought out your needs. There are even a few books in a small library. "

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Turkey

Hotels With A Difference Now who would like to stay in a cave? But once if you stay at Gamirasu Cave Hotel your opinion will be changed for ever. "Gamirasu is the name of an exquisitely restored eighteen-room cave. The hotel is located in a restored one thousand year old Byzantine monastic retreat which offers modern conveniences without distracting from the spiritual feeling of the area which has been known to be inhabited for more than five thousand years."

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