Aug 30, 2007

Car Art On Roadsides.

We can't think of a single day without the use of automobiles, as it's an integral part of our lives. These cars have even become an indicator of our status symbol.
Many a times we have seen them adorned with artwork, but this is something which we are going to enjoy; where the cars itself are used to create this unique form of art on roadsides.

Car Art On Roadsides (6) 1Carhenge & Car Art Reserve.

Car Art On Roadsides (6) 2Carhenge. Near Alliance, Nebraska (on highway 87, not 385 as the billboards suggested).

Car Art On Roadsides (6) 3The Four Seasons.

Car Art On Roadsides (6) 4The Ranch, Conway.

Car Art On Roadsides (6) 5Looking east from the Cadillac Ranch.

Car Art On Roadsides (6) 6 18 wheeler truck on its nose.

Source: 1, 2, 3 & 4

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