Jul 6, 2007

World's Largest Ice Hotel.

A hotel built of ice and snow. Ice Hotel is world famous for its unique concept, its works of art and its extraordinary experiences. The fairy tale nature of Ice Hotel brings out the child in guests of all ages.

A hotel built of ice (11) 2
A hotel built of ice (11) 1
A hotel built of ice (11) 3"Ice Hotel is situated in the village Jukkasjärvi, 200 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The heart and backbone is the River Torne flowing through the unspoilt wilderness. Covered with meter thick ice layer wintertime the river is the source of all our art, architecture and design. The pure water and the steady movement of the river creates the clearest ice possible."

A hotel built of ice (11) 4
A hotel built of ice (11) 5"The entire Ice Hotel is on loan from the mighty Torne River and is a place where time stands still."

A hotel built of ice (11) 6"Inspired by the work of visiting Japanese ice artists, in 1990 the French artist Jannot Derit was invited to have the opening of his exhibition in a specially built igloo on the frozen Torne River. The 60 square metre building named Artic Hall attracted many curious visitors to the area.
One night a group of foreign guests, equipped with reindeer hides and sleeping bags, decided it would be a good idea to use the cylindrical shaped igloo as accommodation. The following morning the brave group raved about the unique sensation of sleeping in an igloo. Hence, the concept of Ice Hotel was born."

A hotel built of ice (11) 7Art is the heart of the Ice Hotel.

A hotel built of ice (11) 8
A hotel built of ice (11) 9
A hotel built of ice (11) 10
A hotel built of ice (11) 11Cold drinks in ice bar, where ice sculptures nearly come to life in the magic blue light of the bar.

Source: Ice Hotel
Photos: Jan Jordan, Karin Fors, Grant ©

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