Jul 12, 2007

Spoon Art.

Spoon Art (11) 1 Spoon Art (11) 2 Spoon Art (11) 3 Spoon Art (11) 4 Spoon Art (11) 5 Spoon Art (11) 6 Spoon Art (11) 7 Spoon Art (11) 8 Spoon Art (11) 9 Spoon Art (11) 10 Spoon Art (11) 11Art project contest: A spoon further - "The essence of it is very simple: to give ordinary aluminum spoons, which can be found in great amounts in obshchepit, to professional jewelers and convince them to make something resembling pieces of art out of these spoons, i.e. to see what will happen to the spoons further.
The jewelers, inspired by the idea of the Oleg Yelovoy, created works of art out of 200 mm nails. They could use any method (except for those told by the author's imagination). The results of "Master Nail" were beyond all expectations. Virtuosity of skill, marvelous, luxurious pieces of jewelry... and no nails. One and a half year later the jewelers took up aluminum spoons. The rules of the contest "A spoon further" resemble those of the "nail" competition: the artists could do with the spoon whatever his/her vivid imagination prompted."

Source: Tau.

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