Jul 24, 2007

Buildings Constructed In Unusual Places.

Thomas Point Shoal LighthouseThomas Point Shoal Lighthouse.
Located at Chesapeake Bay just north of the mouth of the South River, south of Annapolis, Maryland
Date Built: Original shore light - 1825, Re-built shore light - 1840, Current screw-1875.

Wedged houseWedged house.
Intriguing house built between two rocks at Plougrescant in France.

Okinawa's Treehouse Restaurant.Okinawa's Treehouse Restaurant.
It's actually an unusual tree house restaurant. "It's situated up in what appears to be a tree, but it's not a tree, just a very realistic made of concrete. There's an elevator in the trunk that takes the customers up to the restaurant."

The old mill of Vernon.The old mill of Vernon.
The old mill of Vernon, a half-timbered construction, lies straddling between two piers of the ancient bridge over the Seine River, France.

Dar al Hajar or Rock Palace in Wadi Dhahr.Dar al Hajar or Rock Palace in Wadi Dhahr.
A rock palace built as a summer residence in the 1930s for Imam Yahya.
"What makes the building so attractive is perhaps because it is exemplary of Yemeni architecture, it seems to grow out of the rocks on which it is constructed, and it has the characteristic painting of its windows and edges. Furthermore, it is standing all alone and can be seen from all sides."

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