Jul 7, 2007

Bruce Gray's Metal Sculptures.

This is the amazing work of Bruce Gray.
"Bruce Gray's contemporary and abstract modern metal and wood sculptures have been displayed as part of group or solo art exhibitions at many Art Galleries and Art Museums from Santa Monica to Soho and abroad."

Metal Sculptures (11) 1"The Big Cheese #4 Standing Sculpture (25x29x43) is constructed in welded aluminum. This is one of the sculptures in Bruce's series of oversized objects inspired by Claes Oldenburg. The "Big Cheese" can be commissioned in any size, and also in steel, stainless steel, or with various patinas. This sculpture appeared on Discovery Channel's "M?nster House," in the season 4 finale of HBO's "Six Feet Under," and in a book titled The Sculpture Reference Illustrated."

Metal Sculptures (11) 2"Time Warp Wall Sculpture #16 (35x46x12) is an abstract wall sculpture by California sculptor Bruce Gray. It is constructed of welded aluminum, and painted by hand. The colorfully patterned planes and spheres intersect each other. Several sculptures from this numbered wall sculpture series have been in films and on TV."

Metal Sculptures (11) 3"Cubicks #6 (38x62x18) by California sculptor Bruce Gray is an abstract wall sculpture constructed in aluminum. This piece is in a private collection."

Metal Sculptures (11) 4"California Dreamin (81x50x32) is a motorized kinetic art ball machine sculpture with 2 steel balls that get lifted by a drive chain conveyor system. The balls have 3 tracks to follow that are changed each time by 2 switches." One of the switch ideas actually came to me one night in a dream, after several days of trying to come up with a suitable design. Take a look at the quicktime video of this machine. "California Dreamin" is part of the corporate collection at the offices of Mitch Kapor in San Francisco."

Metal Sculptures (11) 5"Raindrops #4 (71 x 95 1/2) by famous Los Angeles artist Bruce Gray is done with acrylics on canvas. This large and impressive colorful abstract modern contemporary painting on canvas is nearly 8 feet wide."

Metal Sculptures (11) 6"Five of sculptor Bruce Gray's 4 foot long aluminum "Paper Plane" sculptures, in the main lobby of the Little Rock National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas."

Metal Sculptures (11) 7"This kinetic art mobile sculpture by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray is (82x115x12) and is constructed from aluminum. This mobile was featured on HBO's "Six Feet Under," and the TV show "Charmed." The photograph on the right is showing this mobile on the set of 'Charmed.'"

Metal Sculptures (11) 8Robot Sculpture.

Metal Sculptures (11) 9"Flight of the Bumble Bee (43x61x6) is an abstract modern wall sculpture constructed in steel and aluminum by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. The contrast in metal colors, use of negative space, and curvy shapes give this contemporary wall sculpture a flowing sense of motion. This large and impressive mixed metals wall."

Metal Sculptures (11) 10 "Vice Versa (60x55x55) is a modern kinetic art sculpture (or mobile) by Los Angeles sculptor Bruce Gray. It is constructed in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. This modern and playful sculpture & is one of Bruce's favorite sculptures. It weighs 36 pounds, except after a large meal."

Source: Brucegray

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