Jul 10, 2007

Bottle Cap Art.

Bottlecaps, cereal and detergent box veneer, mirrors, bottles, flicker lights, tin can lids, 13" color TV, eight dresser drawers.

It's distinctive features: everything, especially the tuft of hair.

It's distinctive features: bow tie; necklace; two-tone dishes; vertical grooves on torso

"They are totally functionless and difficult to display."

One of themost expensive acquisitions, this basket is a souvenir of Deer Isle, Maine.

"As uncomfortable to handle as it is to look at, I can only assume that this is intended to be a candlestick. Or possibly a vase, as the caps wrap around a glass jar."

"Bottle Cap Inn in Miami: :Joe Wiser's Bottle Cap Inn in Miami was featured in Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

The anonymous figures that populated store shelves so abundantly in the early 1980s have made the jump to antique markets and even the odd corners of design-magazine photo spreads.

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