Jun 27, 2007

Chocolate Dress.

All the outfits are edible & are made with chocolate.
"When Art meets Fashion- you get- Sculptured Fashions! They are comfortable tops created to fit and shape the wearer. No one believes they are actually comfortable until they put one on. Then they realize how easy they are to wear."
The best part of making your girl wear a chocolate dress is at the end of it, you can eat it off her.

Chocolate Dress (9)  1Mannequin wears a chocolate corset at show: A mannequin wears a Chocolate corset topped with chocolate "feathers" at the New York Chocolate Show. 6

Chocolate Dress (9)  2 Chocolate Dress.

Chocolate Dress (9)  3Chocolate Dress designed by Diana Kane.

Chocolate Dress (9)  4Chocolate Dress Designed by Katalin Varga.

Chocolate Dress (9)  5Chocolate Dress designed by Martin Howard.

Chocolate Dress (9)  6
Chocolate Dress (9)  7
Chocolate Dress (9)  8
Chocolate Dress (9)  9 Spanish designer Paco Rabanne with a model wearing a chocolate dress, tastes his model's dress made of chocolate.

Source: 1, 2, 3, & 4.

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