May 28, 2007

Is This A Painting Or A Photo?

Do you find any special reason why these 3 guys are standing beside a photo? No? The fact is that this photo is no photo. Confused? Yes this is actually a painting! This is a photo realistic painting of Tica by Dru Blair. Check out the various stages of painting & a close up.

"This is a painting completed in February 2005. It was a Portrait Class project that I decided to finish in my spare time after the workshop. It probably took a total of around 65-75 hours to complete. The small images are step by step photographs taken during the painting process, and the large image is the final painting after detail and skin texture are added with an eraser and colored pencil. The main colors are blocked in at the beginning, but refinement is withheld until the very end."

Click here to learn more about how Dru creates photorealistic paintings.


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