May 5, 2007

Home Built, Wood Roller Coaster

If you have big enough back yard, & have lots of extra wood then you can make your very own wood roller coaster. Yes, thats what Jeremy Reid has done with his empty piece of land.

"Style: Out and Back
Height: 17 feet
First Drop: 20 feet
Top Speed: 20 mph
Track Length: 444 feet
Max Positive G's: 3.5
Max Negative G's: -0.2
Material: Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine
Number of Drops: 4
Lift hill angle: 26.6 degrees
1st Drop: 54 degrees
2nd Drop: 43 degrees
Curve banking: 50 degrees
Duration: About 1 minute
Cart: Single Car, Wood and Steel Construction
Capacity: Single Rider
Chain Lift: 1HP Motor, 3/4" Pitch Roller Chain/Sprockets
9,500 lbs (4.75 Tons) Lumber
7,000 Screws/Nails
2,900 board feet of lumber
Investment: $5.5k."

<a href="//">Watch the Home Built, Wood Roller Coaster Video on Youtube</a>

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