Apr 6, 2007

Unique PC Cases

Listed here are some of the PC cases, which are unique in their own way. Choose the one that suits your style.

Carbon Fiber PC Case

Carbon fiber composite is used to make these Ultra Carbon Fiber Cases' panels. These carbon fibers are used in aircraft and race cars for years.
The Ultra Carbon Fiber Case measures 20 ½" (height) x 19 ¾" (depth) x 8 ¼" (wide), & supports 5 x 3.5" internal drives, 2 x 3.5" external drives, and 5 x 5.25" external drives.

Glass PC case
So this glass PC case is made from Copper, lead, wood & stained glass.
What more is to be said, the looks are speaking aloud, we can add that it's an interesting stained glass PC case.

Cardboard PC Case
Recyclable PC case manufactured by Lupo (Japanese company) is constructed entirely out of cardboard. What you need to do is just remove all the perforated sections of the respective parts & fold along the dotted lines & you have a perfectly functional biodegradable PC case.

Transparent Polycarbonate Plastic PC Case
This is a transparent polycarbonate plastic case, featuring 11 drive bays which provides ample capacity for future expansion. "This sleek ATX computer also offers seven expansion slots and supports multiple motherboard configurations. Front-mounted USB ports, microphone and headphone make it easy when connecting peripherals. This sleek case has three 80 mm case fans that keep your case cool, and glows a bright colors when the system is in full operation."

Wooden PC case
A perfect harmony of technology & nature crafted & united to be made a unique piece of work. So why a hand-made computer out of wood?
As there are very few of these in the world which makes them unique & as its made of wood, it give this wonderful look & is a symbol of unity of traditional methods with the latest advanced technology.