Mar 17, 2007

Top 10 Unique Computer Mices.

World's Most Expensive Computer Mouse
It costs you about £12,400.00 / $24,180.00 USD. If you are willing to spend it then you can get it personalized with diamond initials of your choice. "The world's most expensive computer mouse, cast from 18 carat white gold and set with 59 brilliant cut diamonds. Choose from the beautiful "Diamond Flower" design and the "Scattered Diamond" design."

World's Most Powerful Mouse: MX510 Performance Optical Mouse.
Logitech's most powerful computer mouse ever, the MX510 Performance Optical Mouse. "Designed for computer gamers and other "power users," Logitech says the MX510 can take 5.8 megapixels of surface detail per second, deliver a 12-bit data bath and support acceleration up to 15g. The company claims that the finish on each mouse is completely unique, making it like a snowflake -- no two are exactly alike. The MX510 includes eight programmable buttons, including an Internet forward and back buttons aimed at being within easy reach of the thumb. A Quick Switch Program Selector button is at the top of the mouse, which lets a user jump between open applications."

World's Thinnest Mouse: Slimouse
How about going for this one? "The Slimouse is held between the thumb and middle finger and instead of the usual left and right buttons you get a front and back button to control with your index finger. The scroll wheel is on the side."

World's Most Advanced Mouse: MX™ Revo1ution
This one is "smarter, faster, and fully loaded. Hyper-fast scrolling. Instant application switching. Touch to Search."

World's Smallest Laser Mouse: Sigma's Rotino
Size matters, here is the worlds smallest laser mouse, "Sigma's Rotino". "Substance size the 1/4 of 30×70×20mm (width × depth × height), weight approximately 40g and general mice small-sized mouse. At the same company it has expressed the "mini car mouse". Small size, resolution is possible to change 1,000/2,000dpi, you say that frame rate 9,600fps and the high performance loads the laser sensor, job is possible in the space 1 of cards. Interface with USB, can equip the cord/code reel in the cable, can receive the cable the unused time."

World's Most Unique Designed Mouse?
"This thing has all the controls you would expect to find on a media keyboard, but jammed onto a mouse for some reason. The "mouse" moves the only two buttons you really need on a mouse, the right and left click buttons, to the front conveniently located (NOT!) under the USB cable."

World's Most Silent Mouse
A Silent mouse? "When you press down on the left-click and right-click buttons, it makes no noise whatsoever, but you can't feel any clicks, either. There's no tactile feedback at all. There's just this rubbery, bottomless travel that gives you no indication of when you've actually engaged that button."

World's First Stone Mouse
Russian designer Neko made this mouse from stone, "looks like the stone parts are polished/cut and glued to the mouse."

World's Most Unusual Mouse?
An old Nintendo Powerglove converted by Zerosign into a functional computer mouse.

Powerglove Mouse At Work


World's First Mouse
Here is the image of the first computer mouse held by Engelbart showing the wheels which directly contact the working surface.

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