Mar 3, 2007

Different at Birth.

Baby with three hands:

A 2-month-old known as Jie-jie, was born with one right hand and two left hands. "How it happens? Van Heest estimated that one out of 200,000 babies are born with two thumbs on one hand and one out of 2 million have doubling at the wrist, resulting in two hands."

Baby born with two heads: "Rebeca was born with the undeveloped head of her twin. Fully developed twins born conjoined at the head are extremely rare, accounting for one of every 2.5 million births, but these twins, where one twin stops developing, are even rarer."

Another Baby born with two heads:

"Syafitri, an Indonesian baby born with two heads, the four-day-old baby girl weighs 7 pounds and 450 grams".
Source:, Image via Reuters

Yet another case of baby born with two heads:

Manar Maged was originally one of conjoined identical twins, but her sister didn't develop.
"Manar Maged was an Egyptian girl, born with a condition - a type of conjoined twin where the twins are attached at the head and one doesn't develop completely, becoming completely dependent upon the other".
Source:, Image via oprah

Two-Headed Boy of Bengal:

"Two-headed boy of Bengal who was born in 1783 & remains are with the H.M of the Royal College of London".
Source:, Image via forteantimes

Here is the a video of baby born with 2 Heads:

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