Feb 21, 2007

8 Cool Mobile Phones.

We've searched around for some of the coolest mobile phones & have come up with this list for you.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X

8 Cool Mobile Phones (8) 1The world's first commercial handheld mobile phone, received approval from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission in 1983. Weighs nearly 2 pounds, measures more than a foot long, & costs $3995. DynaTAC 8000X aka The Brick, can be handy though.
[Image via motorola]

Green Technology Mobile

8 Cool Mobile Phones (8) 2Just put it in a flowerpot and watch it grow - it's the sunflower phone cover. © Warwick University
So how about next time when you want to dispose of your mobile, instead of throwing it away you just sow it? And you get to watch a sunflower blooming. [Via 24hourmuseum]

Mosquito Repelling Phone

It emits a sound to repel the mosquitoes away. It's the sound of the repellant. Its a doubt if humans can stand the sound which they need to switch on for half an hour before going to bed to avoid the mosquitoes.


8 Cool Mobile Phones (8) 3Yoyo phone is supposed to be worn around the neck of the user. It draws energy from the bounces and swings, created by the user.
[Via electronista]

888 Concept From Nokia

8 Cool Mobile Phones (8) 4It allows you to change it into any design of your choice, roll it, bend it, clip it, whatever you want to do.

Vertu Signature Cobra.

8 Cool Mobile Phones (8) 5It only costs a cool $310,000.
[Image via slashphone]

Samsung's "Serene"

8 Cool Mobile Phones (8) 6Designed by B & O & built by Samsung. It's a combination of advance features with clamshell design.
Though its difficult to deny that it does look like one of those face powdering devices gals carry in their bags. A word of caution: don't put it in your girl friend's handbag as you may pick a wrong one out.
[Image via mobiledia]

Dual Screen Mobile Phone

8 Cool Mobile Phones (8) 7So in what way does this dual screen help?
"It's specifically designed to optimize mobile internet services for a wide-ranging variety of multimedia contents."

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