May 25, 2018

15 Cool Cow Themed Products.

If you have been seeing cows as only a source of food then perhaps its time to change that notion; so we have these 'Cool Cow Themed Products' from all over the world for you.

Moo Utensil Holder: The Moo Utensil Holder is a ceramic holder that holds your kitchen utensils and doubles as memo board for you to write short notes. Buy Now.

Moo Utensil Holder
Udderly Cow Cup: The Udderly Cow Cup is a handpainted earthenware that provides a fun way to have your favorite beverage and holds 20 oz. and features nonslip feet. Buy Now.

Udderly Cow Cup
Black White Cow Print Apron: The Black White Cow Print Apron is fashionable, features pockets, ties at the waist and has an adjustable neck strap. Buy Now.

Black White Cow Print Apron
Cow and Calf Cattle Farm Keyrack: The Cow and Calf Cattle Farm Keyrack is cut out of 16 gauge steel and features 5 rounded hooks, perfect for holding dog leashes, keys, lanyards, necklaces and other small things. Buy Now.

Cow and Calf Cattle Farm Keyrack
Cow Glass: The Cow Glass is handpainted, holds 20 oz and stands 8" tall. Buy Now.

Cow Glass:
Cow Bottle Holder: The Cow Bottle Holder is handcrafted and is just the thing you need to give a touch of farmyard fun to your next party or family gathering. Buy Now.

Cow Bottle Holder
Moo Moo Timer: When it comes to cooking. timing plays a very important role; you don't like to have an oven meal, do you? The Moo Moo Timer is a 60-minute mechanical timer for your kitchen. Buy Now.

Moo Moo Timer
Cow Decal: The Cow Decal can be placed on any smooth, non-porous surface. Just the thing you need for your laptops, iPads, smartphone, cups, plates, tumblers and more. Buy Now.

Cow Decal
Cow Bracelet: The Cow Bracelet is handmade from silver, features an initial, stone, and a small cow, and you can customize it. Buy Now.

Cow Bracelet
Cow Head Hat: The Cow Head Hat is made of a plush fabric, measures approximately 15.5 inches wide by 9 inches tall and is a perfect fun item to wear for a farm themed party. Buy Now.

Cow Head Hat
Cow Print Long Pants And Shirt: How about putting on these cool cow print pajamas? Buy Now.

Cow Print Long Pants And Shirt
Cow Indoor Flannel Slippers: Now wear these cool cow indoor slippers and roam around in your home in comfort. Buy Now.

Cow Indoor Flannel Slippers
Cow Corn Holders: The Cow Corn Holders are just the thing you need for putting fun into eating corn off the cob. Buy Now.

Cow Corn Holders
Cow Design Bathrobe: So what you got to say about this cool Cow Design Bathrobe? Buy Now.

Cow Design Bathrobe
Moo Moo Butter Dish: The Moo Moo Butter Dish is a cute cow-themed butter dish that keeps your butter fresh. Buy Now.

Moo Moo Butter Dish

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May 24, 2018

15 Coolest Stationery Products For You.

Looking for some cool pencils, erasers or sharpeners; look no further we have the best stationery products for you from all over the world.

Dinosaur Color Pencils Set: This cool travel-friendly dino coloring set is just the thing you need for your little artists. It consists of thirty-six colored pencils that are good to come out and draw on the go or at home and when done sits in a dino decorated cylinder. Buy Now.

Dinosaur Color Pencils Set
Woodland Pencil Set: The Woodland Pencil Set consists of four playfully camouflaged adorable animals. Buy Now.

Woodland Critter Pencil Set
Earaser Pencil Eraser: To err is human, but this cute eraser is meant for erasing mistakes done on paper not otherwise. This soft, long-lasting eraser is both fun and useful. Buy Now.

Earaser Pencil Eraser
Milkshake Sharpener and Pencil: The Milkshake Sharpener and Pencil is a clever stationary duo that is sure to let you never have a dull moment; so get your books out. Buy Now.

Milkshake Sharpener and Pencil
Mighty King Kong Pencil and Eraser Set: The King Kong is here at the top of the Empire State Building pencil and can erase out any sized mistake. Buy Now.

Mighty King Kong Pencil and Eraser Set
Ostrich Eraser and Pencil: Next time you make a mistake while writing, there is no reason to stick your head in the sand when this adorable ostrich shaped eraser and pencil set is in hand. Buy Now.

Ostrich Eraser and Pencil
Shoeraser Erasers: These eye-catching Shoeraser Erasers are perfect for life's little missteps; these make erasing mistakes feel like a walk in the park. Buy Now.

Shoeraser Erasers
Furaser Cat: The Furaser Cat eraser comes out of the box to erase your mistake and when done snuggles into a cozy box. Buy Now.

Furaser Cat
Rockin' Guitar 3D Inflatable Colorables: The Rockin' Guitar 3D Inflatable Colorables is an inflatable coloring paper toy that lets you color, inflate and play your very own guitar. Once you are done with your super cool design, inflate your new 6-string with the included straw and you are ready for a colorful jamsession. Buy Now.

Rockin' Guitar 3D Inflatable Colorables
CMYK Pen: The CMYK Pen is here to let you create your own full color art. The CMYK process is used in printing to build up full color images, every color can be created by combining the 4 colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. And now with this CMYK Pen you can start sketching. Buy Now.

Pensword Eraser: The Pensword Eraser is just the thing you need to and beat down every typo and leave no trace. Buy Now.

Pensword Eraser
Football Erasers: These red and blue football eraser duo are here to make writing, erasing and rewriting a playful task. Buy Now.

Football Erasers
Geppeto's Pencil Sharpener: Geppeto created this cute pencil sharpener that has real character, long nose or short nose its your call. Buy Now.

Geppeto's Pencil Sharpener
Oh Pen: Oh Pen is a magnetic pen that is just the thing needed for writing notes and displaying them. Buy Now.

Oh Pen
Drumstick Pen Set: The Drumstick Pen Set lets you write when you need and even gives a solo drum performance, and what more these are kinder on your neighbors too. Buy Now.

Drumstick Pen Set

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May 23, 2018

15 Coolest Hoodies for You.

If you are looking for some cool hoodies or jackets look no further, we have the coolest hoodies for you from all over the world.

Technomancer 2.0 Digital Hoodie: The Technomancer 2.0 Digital Hoodie is here to give you special powers. Its sleeves feature accelerometers and when you move your hands in one of the pre-programmed sequences, the sleeves of the hoodie light from within, the internal speaker activates, and the hood illuminates your face in a glow. The hoodie gives you nine different activity modes. Buy Now.

Technomancer 2.0 Digital Hoodie

Relaxation Hoodie: The Relaxation Hoodie is technical clothing that's designed to let you relax. It features a specially engineered mesh visor that provides your vision with a shade of pink and lets you relax. Buy Now.

Relaxation Hoodie
Knight Hoodie: The Knight Hoodie is handmade and features a retractable faceplate and visor. Buy Now.

Knight Hoodie
Dragon Toothless Inspired Hoodie: The Dragon Toothless Inspired Hoodie is perfect for your everyday usage and sports activities. It features detachable tail and claws. Buy Now.

Dragon Toothless Inspired Hoodie
Totoro Hoodie: The Totoro Hoodie takes its inspiration from the Japanese animation movie "My Neighbor Totoro" from 1980's. Buy Now.

Totoro Hoodie
Rowlet Hoodie: This cool Pokemon character hoodie is going to make you look like a cute owl, though you wont be able to fly or use razor-sharp leaves or turn your neck nearly 180 degrees as it only makes you look cute and wont give you the powers of Rowlet. It features a 3D beak, leaf bowtie that opens and closes, and leaf sleeve wings. What more, if you want a more casual hoodie, the sleeve wings can be left off. Buy Now.

Rowlet Hoodie
Samus Inspired Hoodie: This cool Samus inspired hoodie is made from 100% polyester. Buy Now.

Samus Inspired Hoodie
Fox Hoodie: This cute Fox Hoodie is perfect to keep you warm and cozy. Buy Now.

Fox Hoodie
Women's USB Heated Jacket: The Women's USB Heated Jacket features two additional detachable linings, one is matched color, while the other one is grey heating lining. It comes with multiple settings and the USB port can be connected with portable power bank. Buy Now.

Women's USB Heated Jacket
Hallam Smart Travel Jacket 2.0: The Hallam Smart Travel Jacket 2.0 features 29 functions - comes with a built-in neck pillow and sleep shade, built-in earphone cable, recharging pocket, built-in glove, smart button, light, music auto-play pocket and auto-silent mode pocket, and also has total of 10 pockets. More info.

Hallam Smart Travel Jacket 2.0

Owl Hoodie: The Owl Hoodie is a cute hoodie that features front zip up with a chunky zipper and has two front pockets. Buy Now.

Owl Hoodie
Astronaut Jacket: The Spacelife Jacket takes its inspiration from the classic spacesuit, is made from a unique trilobal fiber that's waterproof and light-reflecting, and a powder skirt makes the jacket fully mountain proof. Its hoodie features built-in speakers, controllable via Bluetooth or via the integrated remote on your sleeve that also allows you to control your phone. Its also features a reflector for your safety, comes with a special Spacelife ambassadors kit that contains various space-inspired gadgets and is just the thing you need for protection from the elements. Buy Now.

Astronaut Jacket
Chewbacca Hoodie: You may have worn numerous hoodies, now how about trying this cool Chewbacca Hoodie? Buy Now.

Chewbacca Hoodie
Pizza Kid's Hoodie: Kids enjoy eating pizza, though grown ups aren't much different. Kids are sure to enjoy wearing this Pizza Kid's Hoodie. Buy Now.

Pizza Kid's Hoodie
Pikachu Hoodie: Have you ever dreamt of becoming Pikachu? No, yes? Ok if you did then this cool Pikachu Hoodie is here that is sure to turn you into a cute Pokemon, but you wont be able to generate any electricity. Buy Now.

Pikachu Hoodie

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May 21, 2018

10 Coolest Bathroom Pastime Products.

Now you can spice up your bathroom time while you wait doing your business.

Toilet Puter: Toilet Puter is perfect for those weekend golfers, comes complete with putting green, 2 balls, golfclub, cup with flag, and occupied sign. Buy Now.

Toilet Puter
Toilet Piano: Place it around the base of the toilet and play your favorite jingle, comes with a songbook. Buy Now.

Toilet Piano
Bathroom Basketball Toy Set: If you aren't much of a golfer then how about playing basketball right in your bathroom to pass your time? Buy Now.

Bathroom Basketball Toy Set
Sudoku Toilet Paper: This creative roll of toilet paper comes with sudoku puzzles imprinted on it. Now while in your toilet, you can have more fun playing sudoku with your toilet paper. Buy Now.

Sudoku Toilet Paper
Toilet Soccer: Well if you aren't into golf or basketball then how about soccer? Its just perfect for you, lets you practice while you do your business. Buy Now.

Toilet Soccer
Mind Trainer Toilet Paper: Each square of the roll is printed with a different puzzle, keeps you preoccupied. Buy Now.

Mind Trainer Toilet Paper
Toilet Fishing: Now if you are interested in fishing we have something for you, Toilet Fishing; it lets you catch some fishes right from your throne while you are busy doing your business. Buy Now.

Toilet Fishing
Bathroom Tissueholder with Mobile Phone Storage Shelf: We are so much into our smartphones that we don't even leave it while we are busy using the toilet. And this holder comes with storage shelf, to hold your smartphone. Buy Now.

Bathroom Tissueholder with Mobile Phone Storage Shelf
Shower Mic: For those who like singing during their shower but aren't sure to sing in front of others, this is just the thing you need to practice. Buy Now.

Shower Mic
NBA Design Wastebaskett: Place the NBA Design Wastebasket in the corner of your bathroom, crumple up some toilet paper into a ball, and practice…. Buy Now.

NBA Design Wastebasket

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