Jul 27, 2017

20 Best Pokemon Themed Products.

If you are among those whose favorite is Pokémon GO, are glued to your smartphone trying to catch and train your Pokemon or your world revolves around these virtual creatures, then perhaps its time to get them in their physical form. Now you can have your favorite Pokemon Themed Products for your day-to-day life.

Snorlax Slippers: Generally the wild Snorlax is found sleeping in inconvenient locations and now we have the Snorlax that keeps your feet comfortable and warm. The Snorlax Slippers look like your favorite sleepy Pokémon, and makes zzz… noises when you walk. And the best part is that you don't require a Poké Flute to move them. Buy Now.

Snorlax Slippers

Pikachu Smartphone Recharger: Pikachu generates electricity, we all know that, but did you know that it can even recharge your smart phone? No? Now we have for you Pikachu Smartphone Recharger that recharges your smart phones. This cool Pikachu Smartphone Recharger is a wall recharger; just pull out its removable ears and its power plugs are shown, plug it into your wall outlet and connect the micro USB to your smartphone to recharge it. Pikachu is the best suited Pokemon character due to his natural flair for electricity, don't you think so? Buy Now.

Pikachu Smartphone Recharger
Munchlax Lunch Bag: Now let the Big Eater Pokémon guard your food, though the probability of his eating your lunch is quite high. On the second thought, it all depends on your training whether Munchlax will keep all your food nice and fresh. Buy Now.

Munchlax Lunch Bag

Charmander Candle Holder: This cool ceramic candle holder that looks like Charmander comes with a small cup at its tail to hold a small candle and once you light it, its sure to look like the Charmander in the anime. Sort of! Buy Now.

Charmander Candle Holder
Pikachu Coin Bank: We believe that money management should be taught to kids at an early age itself, and you can make a start by teaching them about saving money. And what better way can be than their favorite Pokemon character - Pikachu. The Pikachu Coin Bank stores the coins for you; Pikachu is hiding in a box, waiting to collect your money and save it for you. When you place your coins on the yellow top, Pikachu comes out and stores it away for you. Buy Now.

Pikachu Coin Bank
Bulbasaur Bulb Backpack: This cool leaf green backpack is modeled after the bulb on the Bulbasaur. This handmade backpack is sure to look great; its top petal opens back via 2 zippers, it features adjustable straps and measures 12" x 12" x 5". Buy Now.

Bulbasaur Bulb Backpack
Pokémon Bookmarks: These cool Pokemon characters bookmarks are here so you can place them in your book and it lets you return to the page with ease. Buy Now.

Pokémon Bookmarks
Pikachu Sticker Set: How about decorating your kid's bedroom wall with these cool Pikachu stickers? These stickers are perfect to be placed near the outlet wall plates, isn't it? After all Pikachu is associated with electrical energy. Pika Pika..Buy Now.

Pikachu Sticker Set
Bulbasaur and Oddish Planter: The Bulbasaur and Oddish make really cool planters, what more, the designer has beautifully designed the planters integrating the physical attributes of these Pokemon characters. These two guys are here to keep company on your desk or windowsill at home or at the office. These planters stand at about 2.5 inches high and are best suited for small plants. Buy Now.

Bulbasaur and Oddish Planter
Pikachu Cup: If you are among those like us who cant start their day without a cup of coffee, then what more can be better than a coffee cup that looks like Pikachu's cute face? It holds 14 ounces of your favorite beverage. Buy Now.

Pikachu Cup
Rowlet Hoodie: This cool Pokemon character hoodie is going to make you look like a cute owl, though you wont be able to fly or use razor-sharp leaves or turn your neck nearly 180 degrees as it only makes you look cute and wont give you the powers of Rowlet. It features a 3D beak, leaf bowtie that opens and closes, and leaf sleeve wings. What more, if you want a more casual hoodie, the sleeve wings can be left off. Buy Now.

Rowlet Hoodie
Pikachu Ricemold: How do you manage fizzy eaters? And how about their lunch? When they are with you only they trouble to eat and when they take lunch to the school how much of it will they eat? How about making their food interesting? With this cool kitchen tool, you can create a 3D silhouette that looks like Pikachu's head, and kids are sure to enjoy it. Buy Now.

Pikachu Ricemold
Snorlax Bean Bag Chair: Wild Snorlax is known to be found sleeping in inconvenient locations, and even lets kids and small Pokémon bounce on its large body. But what about Snorlax letting you relax on its body? Seems unreal and difficult? This cool Snorlax Bean Bag Chair makes it possible; it measures four feet tall, its head works like a comfortable pillow and you can have your beauty sleep or a power nap; its your call. Buy Now.

Snorlax Bean Bag Chair
Pikachu Hoodie: Have you ever dreamt of becoming Pikachu? No, yes? Ok if you did then this cool Pikachu Hoodie is here that is sure to turn you into a cute Pokemon, but you wont be able to generate any electricity. Buy Now.

Pikachu Hoodie
Eevee Backpack: Eevee has the adaptability and anticipation as a hidden ability, and now go on your adventures with this cool Eevee Backpack, it comes with flappy ears, Pokéball zipper pulls and is sure to protect your laptop and other things. Buy Now.

Eevee Backpack
Pikachu Cushion: Working whole day on your notebook can be really tiring and worst are the wrists that get affected. Who can understand this, better than bloggers like us who are in a constant endeavor to get you the best of the world? Well for you and us, now we have Pikachu PC Cushion that also has Nintendo character computer keyboard wrist rest for resting your wrists while working on your notebook. The keyboard wrist rest can be separated, and you can use Pikachu as a toy. The cushion is available in three different Pokemon characters to choose from: Pikachu, Meowth, and Eevee. Buy Now.

Pikachu Cushion
Pikachu Scarf: Now comes this powerful electric Pokémon who is here to keep you warm; this lightweight scarf makes a cool addition to your outfit for interviews and meetings. Buy Now.

Pikachu Scarf
Pikachu Backpack: This cool Pikachu Backpack comes with adjustable black straps, web haul loop, smartphone pouch and more. Buy Now.

Pikachu Backpack

Pokemon Pillow Cover: This cool Pokemon Pillow Cover features Pikachu, Squirtle, Charamander, and Bulbasaur, and makes a cool addition to your kid's room. Buy Now.

Pokemon Pillow Cover
Pokemon Dress: This adorable dress features Pokemon fabric with crop top for comfort and ease. Buy Now.

Pokemon Dress
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Jul 26, 2017

20 Best Kids' Beds for Unique Bedrooms.

When you choose everything that concerns you kid magnificently, then why opt for boring beds? Your little prince and princess deserve much better; don't you think so? Or if your were under a misconception that kids' beds aren't cool or interesting, then we strongly suggest its time to change this notion. When we were kids we never had these cool beds, though on the second thought, even if they existed we don't think our folks would ever consider buying those for us, leaving aside the monetary concern. Does the spending pattern change if you have more than one kid? If its only one kid, do you try to fulfill all his/her wishes even if that means overstretching yourself? Or is it that we try to give our best to our kid/kids that we were deprived of? Just thoughts…

Starwars Bed: Starwars always got our attention during our childhood, that doesn't mean we aren't interested in it now, as a matter of fact we are much more into it now. This cool Starwars bed takes its inspiration from Millennium Falcon cockpit, also features knobs and gauges. It's handpainted, and measures 45.5" wide x 108.25" long x 45.5" high. Kids are sure to enjoy playing in this bed, and go into hyperspeed for pleasant dreams. Buy Now.

Starwars Bed
Caravan Bed: If you are among those who enjoy staying in a caravan during camping or vacations and want your kids to know how it feels being in a caravan right in your home, then this cool Caravan Bed is perfect. The Caravan kid's bed makes a cool addition to your kid's bedroom, it brings fun and adventure along with privacy to your kid's room. Kids can store their favorite toys and pictures on the shelf along the back. The shelf can be placed on either side as per your choice, and you can also place the door on either side of the caravan depending on the shape of the room and where you want to place the bed. The bed underneath pulls out and is perfect for sleepovers. Buy Now.

Caravan Bed
Air Balloon Bed: Grown ups can connect to this bed and relive the life of the famous Phileas Fogg, from the movie "Around the World in 80 days" while the kids are sure to relate it to the Disney movie "Up". The cool bed consists of a hotair balloon and its basket; making it a perfect place for your kids to dream. It has several drawers that give you large storage capacity and makes organizing kid's room a lot easy. The bed can be customized for little girls or boys as they grow up, and can be transformed into a teen sofa. It comes with a mattress, weighs 579 Kg and measures top diam: 300 cm x bottom diam: 160 cm x height: 300 cm, sofa: diam: 160 cm x height: 85 cm. Buy Now.

Air Balloon Bed
Water Princess Bed: You have always treated your little daughter as a little princess, then how about getting a bed that's best suited for your little princess? How about the 'Water Princess Bed' that takes its inspiration from the Disney movie and is apt for the seventh-born curious daughter of King Triton of underwater kingdom. The oyster shaped bed is sure to keep your little princess comfortable, its purple mattress and the lighting in its upper part makes it even more fascinating. It comes with a mattress, weighs 383 Kg and measures diam: 200 cm x height: 180 cm. Buy Now.

Water Princess Bed
Spaceship Bed: How about getting a spaceship for your little astronaut? The Spaceship Bed is a spaceship themed bed that turns your little astronaut's bedroom into Ground Control for galactic adventures. Unlike most of the kids' beds, this one won't take the play space in your kid's room; the mattress can be raised to create extra play space during the day. It features paperthin electroluminescent light panels that are cool to the touch, controlled with an electronic keypad, and perfect for nighttime stories. It measures w: 99.5", h: 94", d (closed): 21". Buy Now.

Spaceship Bed
Playhouse Loft Bed: Its beyond any question that you must have bought plenty of dollhouses for your little princess. How about getting her a dollhouse big enough that she can sleep or play in it? The Playhouse Loft Bed is perfect for it; it's a shuttered house atop of which safely railed twinsize bed sits, features open windows and a doorway. This Playhouse Loft Bed gets playtime and bedtime together, and kids are sure to enjoy climbing down the ladder for the playtime. It measures 43" wide x 80" long x 73" high. Buy Now.

Playhouse Loft Bed
Sky B Plane Bed: How about bringing some aeronautical adventure in your little pilot's bedroom? The Sky B Plane Bed takes its inspiration from Disney movie "Planes", and is perfect for your kid with its creative and playful design. Its decorative suitcases are storage containers that doubles as staircase for kids to climb up and down the airplane. It comes with a mattress, weighs 220 Kg and measures width: 285 cm x depth: 280 cm x height: 170 cm. Buy Now.

Sky B Plane Bed
Camper Van Bunk Bed: If you are among those who enjoy car camping or RV camping, live for the moment that you can spend your time in your vehicle with your family or friends in the outdoors away from the concrete jungle, and you want your kids to have that feel right from their bedroom then this bed is for you. It lets you create those moments, at least sort of. This Camper Van Bunk Bed is handmade from plywood, features a closable door, surfboard style ladder and incredibly accurate details. The camper bed can be painted in a color(s) of your choice - a 3D image will be made available for you to approve before painting. It measures: (l)233cm x (w)111cm x (h)151cm. Buy Now.
Camper Van Bunk Bed
Discovery Space Rocket Bed: Most of them during their growing up years want to be astronauts, go to space or become an aerospace engineer. If you had any such dream or want to motivate your kid to have a liking for astronautics or just for the fun of it, then this cool Discovery Space Rocket Bed is perfect for you. The bed comes complete with spaceship curtains to cover under the bed and this area can be used as a play area, homework area or for storage. It features ladder, safety railbars, and is handcrafted from pine in Denmark. It measures height 210cm x length: 207cm x depth: 102cm. Buy Now.

Discovery Space Rocket Bed
Wagon Bunk Bed: The Wagon Bunk Bed lets you give a touch of gone by era to your kid's room. The Wagon Bunk Bed comes with two easy pull out drawers on wheels and 2 shelves inside, has a secondary bed for sleepovers, a fixed ladder and more. Its designed to give you extra storage space outside the wagon, and also a study table for reading. It's handmade from pine in Belgium, and available in 20 colors to choose from. Its external dimensions: length 126 cm width 195 cm height 188 cm. Buy Now.

Wagon Bunk Bed
Cabin Tent Bed: How about making every night an adventurous one for your kids right from their bedrooms? Yes, well this is what Cabin Tent Bed does for the kids. It can be used as an enclosed bed or open up as a canopy. The cloth sidewall is supported on two poles. What more for sleepovers with their best friends the slidingbed underneath is perfect. Now let you kids have a feel of campsite right in their bedroom every night. The Tent Bed measures 208cm x 110cm x 146cm. Buy Now.

Cabin Tent Bed
Life House High Kids Bed: Did you happen to play in a tree house during your childhood? Well if yes then you are sure to understand the feel one gets playing in these houses, and if no then you have a perfect opportunity to let your kids have a feel of being in a tree house right in their bedroom. The Life House Mid Sleeper Bed is a Limited Edition bed designed in a treehouse style design, and is handcrafted from pine in Denmark. It features a partially covered top cabin with open window, stepladder and an area below where you can place a mattress, or use as a play, reading or study area. It measures: height: 230cm x length: 207cm x depth: 102cm. Buy Now.

Life House High Kids Bed
Truck Bed: The Truck Bed is a colorful and comfortable bed for your toddler. It comes with ladder cutouts on the sides that double as a bed rail, silk-screened truck details, and a special storage space in the front. It's made of wood, and supports up to 50lbs. Buy Now.

Truck Bed
Hangout Bunk Bed: The Kids Adventure Hangout Bunk Bed is sure to make a great addition to your kid's bedroom. Its handcrafted from pine in Denmark, features a top cabin with window, either an external 4 step ladder or inner 2 step ladder, lower bunk and pull out drawer and whitewash finish. The drawer can be turned into a third tier guest bed. The open lower bunk features safety rail sides to stop kids from falling out. It measures (h) 227cm x (l) 207cm (237cm if ladder purchased) x (d) 102cm. Buy Now.

Hangout Bunk Bed
Night Rider Turbo Bed: If your kid is into cars then he/she is sure to enjoy getting into this bed, on the second thought, it may get difficult for you to get him/her out of the bed instead. This cool European supercar bed comes with built-in sound effects, wireless car remote, and headlights. It can hold up to 300 lbs, and comes with a mattress. Buy Now.

Night Rider Turbo Bed
Vintage Trailer Loft Bed: How about creating a camping site right in your kids room and let them enjoy great outdoors every night with this cool vintage 1960's style camper. It features luggagerack railings, awnings; customized license plate, window seat bench, lights and tires, door with round window and retro trim. It measures 10' wide x 3' 8" deep. Buy Now.

Vintage Trailer Loft Bed
Car Bed: Confident attitude paired with a supercharged V-8 engine, four-time Piston Cup winner and World Grand Prix favorite, speeds that reach 200 mph and a favorite of Radiator Springs - McQueen is here for your toddler. The McQueen Toddler Bed is made of wood, features two high side rails for safety, and measures 54.53"l x 29.92"w x 18.90"h. Buy Now.

Car Bed
Voyager Bed: If you among those who enjoys voyages, being in seas or oceans, or have a nautically themed home or want to design a nautically themed kid's bedroom, then this ship shaped bed is perfect for you. The bed measures 41" wide x 104.5" long x 42.5" high. Buy Now.

Voyager Bed
Batmobile Bed: The Gotham city's famous hero needs to be ready for any challenge that can come in his way, and he needs his Batmobile for all his ventures. Now you can get your kid this cool 1960s TV style Batmobile inspired bed and let him/her go on an adventurous dream every night. Buy Now.

Batmobile Bed
Treehouse Loft Bed: There is something about treehouses; if your dad built one for you in his backyard and you really enjoyed playing in it and now want you kid to have the same feel right in their bedroom, the Treehouse Loft Bed is for you. It's a twinsized bed that sits above an open area that can be used as a play area, reading or study area. It doubles the space in your kids bedroom, features a doorway, ladder, two windows and open roofline. It measures 44.25" wide x 83.5" long x 94" high. Buy Now.

Treehouse Loft Bed
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Jul 25, 2017

20 Best Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen.

As you need a proper set of tools for any task you undertake, so also you need a proper cutting board for food preparation. As any chef or for that matter any cook or anyone who have ever cooked a meal for oneself or for others know the importance of a cutting board. Cutting board makes things a lot faster for you, gives you a proper surface for chopping your food, and some of these double as even trivets, serving platter or simply as a conversation piece and more.

Bamboo Cutting Board with 7 Color-Coded Removable Cutting Mats: The Bamboo Cutting Board with 7 Color-Coded Removable Cutting Mats makes it easy for you to chop different types of foods using its color coded mats. These mats are easy to clean, are flexible, can be used with the cutting board or separately, and can be stored inside the cutting board when not in use. Buy Now.

Bamboo Cutting Board with 7 Color-Coded Removable Cutting Mats
Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board: The Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board is shaped like Baby Groot's head, measures 15" x 11 1/4" and will not grow larger. Buy Now: $19.99.

Baby Groot Wooden Cutting Board
iPad and Knife Storage Bamboo Cutting Board: All of us aren't trained chefs or to speak frankly are among those who can cook just about edible food. And that too we need to view recipes and watch how-to videos while cooking. To make things easy for cooks like us, we have the iPad and Knife Storage Bamboo Cutting Board. The iPad and Knife Storage Bamboo Cutting Board is compatible with most smart devices up to 9.5", comes with iPad and knife storage and screen shield for your smart devices. Its perfect for conveniently integrating your iPad into your kitchen. It works with iPad Air/ iPad 3rd Gen/iPad 2/iPad Mini. Buy Now.

iPad and Knife Storage Bamboo Cutting Board
BB-8 Cutting Board: From the far away galaxy comes this adorable droid to make your cooking preparation a lot easier. This glass cutting board comes with a non-slip rubber base and also doubles as a trivet. It can with stand heat up to 350°F and is sure to protect counter tops. Buy Now.

BB-8 Cutting Board
Skate Cutting Board: The Skate Cutting Board is perfect for those who never wanted to be separated from their skateboard, but now don't have the luxury of skateboarding. Nevertheless, now you can show your chopping tricks using this skate. Buy Now.

Skate Cutting Board
Retractable Chopping Board and Colander: This cool Retractable Chopping Board and Colander is retractable, and comes with a colander that makes washing your veggies a lot easy. So you can wash off your veggies and fruits while cutting, saves you time from going between counter and washbasin. Buy Now.

Retractable Chopping Board and Colander
Slice and Sharpen Cutting Board: A knife that is not sharp of no use, ask any chef the importance of a sharp knife, or for that matter ask anyone who has ever cooked his meal what it means. So next time you are busy chopping and feel the knife has lost its edge what do you do, go around looking for another sharp knife? Now with this cool Slice and Sharpen Cutting Board, you don't need a sharp knife, it comes with an integrated knife sharpener, and you can easily sharpen your knives prior to cutting food. Buy Now.

Slice and Sharpen Cutting Board
Cut and Carve Plus Cutting Board: Certain types of food aren't easy to chop and these tend to be slippery. To make things easy, we have Cut and Carve Plus Cutting Board, it's a popular double-sided, multi-function chopping board that has a smooth side for normal chopping and the other side features specially designed spikes to hold food. Buy Now.

Cut and Carve Plus Cutting Board
Folding Bamboo Cutting Board: Have you ever tried transferring your food from your cutting board to the cooking utensil, then you know its not easy, that doesn't mean its impossible. If you aren't careful, some of the chopped veggies will land around the utensil instead of into the utensil. To make things a lot easier this Folding Bamboo Cutting Board comes into picture. Its cleverly designed to fold in half to make transferring food into a utensil simple. Buy Now.

Folding Bamboo Cutting Board
Planter and Cutting Board: The Planter and Cutting Board lets you grow your favorite kitchen herbs right on a cutting board itself. So next time you need fresh herbs, you have them right on your cutting board. Buy Now.

Planter and Cutting Board
Han Solo Glass Cutting Board: Han Solo from Starwars needs no intro, perhaps you will know much more than us. This cool cutting board is made from tempered glass, features a photo-realistic image of Han frozen in carbonite. Its perfect for your chopping needs and measures 13.5" x 8.5". Buy Now.

Han Solo Glass Cutting Board
Starwars Wooden Cutting Board: The Starwars Wooden Cutting Board is made from wood, is a little over a half inch thick and with a roughly 9.1 × 10-18 Parsecs diameter, and is perfect for your chopping needs. Buy Now.

Starwars Wooden Cutting Board
Comicut Cutting Board: The Comicut Cutting Board is shaped liked a bubble with a written text that you see in comic books. It comes with the word "ouch", so if you aren't going to be careful with the knife while chopping your veggies, then your expression is prewritten on the board and like a comic character you too can just lift the board in the air to express your feelings. Just kidding. Its made of Beachwood and measures 31x29.5 cm. Buy Now.

Comicut Cutting Board
United States of America Cutting Board: This cool cutting board is made of bamboo, comes in the shape of United States of America. It's perfect as a cutting board, serving platter or simply as a conversation piece. Buy Now.

United States of America Cutting Board
Millennium Falcon Cutting Board: Now take your chopping into hyperspace with this cool Millennium Falcon Cutting Board. It measures 15" by 11" and is reversible; just flip it over to cut different foods. Buy Now.

Millennium Falcon Cutting Board
Cartridge Cutting Board: The Cartridge Cutting Board takes its inspiration from NES cartridge, is made of wood, has rich details and grooves, measures 12"x13". Buy Now.

Cartridge Cutting Board
Customizable Cutting Board: The wooden cutting board can be customized. Buy Now.

Customizable Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board: This wooden Cutting Board features tree, bench and scenery on the plain side for chopping and slicing. It measures 12" x 9' x 3/4" and is cut from mahogany. You can customize it. Buy Now.

Wooden Cutting Board
Cutting Board with Scrap Bin: The Cutting Board with Scrap Bin comes with a removable scrap bin for collecting vegetables, fruits and food pieces that you have chopped. Buy Now.

Cutting Board with Scrap Bin
Oak Cutting Board with Mezzaluna: Now chop herbs and spices with ease with the Oak Cutting Board with Mezzaluna. And once you are done you can store Mezzaluna into the side of cutting board with magnets. Buy Now.

Oak Cutting Board with Mezzaluna
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