May 25, 2017

15 Must Have Outdoor Gadgets For Techies.

Who says techies don't need a break? After all they are also human, and need to recharge themselves. But wherever they are, they need to have tech around them and so is the case with their outing.

inReach Explorer®+ Satellite Communicator: The inReach Explorer®+ Satellite Communicator is a handheld satellite communicator with GPS navigation, that lets you send 2-way text messaging from anywhere (100% global Iridium satellite coverage), track and more, off grid. It lasts for up to 100 hours on a recharge. It also connects to your smartphone or smart device over Bluetooth and gives you more features. Buy Now: $ 449.99.

inReach Explorer®+ Satellite Communicator

Arcaboard: Arcaboard lets you fly anytime, anywhere across any terrain or water. It comes with a built-in stabilization unit and 36 high power electric ductedfans with a maximum thrust of 200 kgs (430 lbs). You can control and navigate this hoverboard using your smart phone or you can turn off the stabilization system and steer it with your body. Buy Now: $ 14,900.


Wearable Strap Lights: The Strap Light by Zyntony is a flexible and super bright lighting solution that keeps you safe outdoors. Designed for outdoor adventures, it attaches to your backpack, jacket, belt, pants and more. It features 5 lighting modules fixed on a flexible stainless steel base and uses magnets for attaching. Its waterproof to one meter, provides 50 to 800 lumen output, and recharges via micro USB. Pre-order: $79.

Ra Strap Light

Ravean Down 2.0: Ravean Down 2.0 is an ultimate heated jacket that features back/chest/glove/pocket warmers, gloves with heated fingers, batterylife gauge, mobile recharging, breathable underarm flex panels, ripguard outershell, DWR waterresistant shellcoating, hydrophobic down, reflective inner aluminum coating, new controller, a new heatedhood option, and more. Pre-order: $299.

Ravean Down 2.0 heated jacket

Kalipak Portable Solar Generator: The Kalipak 201 is a 192 watt portable solar generator that features 4 USB recharging ports to recharge your smartphones, cameras, and laptops on the move. It also comes with 2 x 12V DC ports for lighting. It's capable of recharging your iPhone up to 32 times. Its iOS and Android app allows remote monitoring. You can even store your keys, wallets, and mobile devices in it. Buy Now: $399.

Kalipak Portable Solar Generator

Portable Coffee Maker: Portable Coffee Maker is a hand powered portable coffee maker and travel cup perfect for home use, office or when traveling. It can hold up to 13fl oz (around 380ml) and is easy to use. Pre-order.

Portable Coffee Maker
O2Tech Smart Lantern: O2Tech Smart Lantern is a smart, rugged, outdoor camping lantern. Using its app on your smartphone you can control it from a distance, change the brightness, choose the color, or setting it to flash and more. It even alerts you to possible weather changes, comes with weathersensors to measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, and sends the data to your smartphone. It comes with 5000mAh, the USB port lets you recharge your mobile phone or other devices. Pre-order: $70.

O2Tech Smart Lantern

Enkistove: Enkistove Wild is a portable pyrolytic stove that needs just a few branches or other dry biomass and you can use it to cook and grill. Using its power button on the smart cable you can adjust the intensity and choose between three power levels. The device is made of aluminum and stainless steel. Buy Now: About: $ 244 (229 €).


Hydration Pack Flavorinfuser: Did it ever happen to you that while outdoors, you felt that water isn't enough and perhaps you should have filled your hydration pack with a sports drink? Or once you filled your hydration pack with sports drink, you wanted pure water? Now the option you have - take multiple hydration packs, clean your hydration pack that holds your sports drink once you are back home, this is not something you look forward to. This is where Hydration Pack Flavorinfuser comes into the picture. It attaches to your hydration pack and gives you customflavor control with the turn of a dial. This device mixes customized flavor into the water flowing from your hydration pack to your mouthpiece. As the water passes through the device, it pulls drops of flavor as it flows by and these drops quickly mix with the stream and continue up to your mouthpiece. The bottom half of the device houses a removable flavor cartridge that you can fill with your choice of flavor or you can enjoy multiple flavors in the same cartridge. The flavor dial is located on the top on the device that allows you to select exactly how much flavor you want to release into the water. It's simple to attach, and let's you switch back to pure water at just the turn of a dial. More info.

Hydration Pack Flavorinfuser

Frodo: Frodo is a smart wearable adventure camera that edits videos for you. It records videos in full high definition, features an evolutionaryalgorithm based video editing and comes with gyro-based video stabilization. It comes with 5 auto-editing styles; its algorithm edits hours of adventure footage into ready-to-share videos instantly. It makes recording and sharing videos really easy and simple while you have your outdoor adventure. More info.


Igloo Trailmate Cooler: The Igloo Trailmate is a rugged cooler that comes with a 70-quart (112 cans) capacity, retainsice for 4 days, serving tray, tie-down loops, bottle openers, and oversized never-flat wheels. Buy Now: $198.11.

Igloo Trailmate Cooler

Aerobed Pakmat: The Pakmat inflates in about 60 seconds, measures 78 inches long and 26 inches wide, and weighs only 4 lbs including the pump. This 5-inch inflated bed is a cleverly designed camping mat that stores inside its own pump. Buy Now: $99.99.

Aerobed Pakmat
Braven BRVXXL: This outdoor Bluetooth speaker is designed for outdoors, comes with 15,600 mAh, 14 hours of playtime, and recharges your smartphones with the built in USB port. It comes with IPX5 waterproof rating, built-in microphonejack, and adjustable EQ settings. Buy Now: $349.99.

+Winter: No more freezing toes this winter with +Winter. +Winter insoles are app-enabled insoles that let you control the temperature from your smartphone. These insoles are lightweight and thin (5mm maximum), recharge wirelessly, with temperature range from 20/40 C, lasts up to 8 hours and lets you enjoy the most amazing warmth. To get going, just place these in your shoes and use its app on your smart phone to activate and control. More info.


Jammock: Jammock is a Jeep and Truck hammock, made of cordura nylon, and said to install in about a minute. For installation in jeep it uses NRS buckles and for the truck you need four tie-down anchors. JammockTruck measures 5' x 5' and comes with a 13'- long strapping, which is long enough for most truck beds. It can take up to 350 lbs, and is good enough for two people. Buy Now: From $124.19.


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May 24, 2017

15 Smart Home Gadgets You Must Have.

There's no place like; your home is the place where you feel you belong to, at rest, and be yourself. To make your home a smart home with the innovative tech so you can have the best, we have these smart home gadgets.

Momo Smart Home Assistant: Momo is a standalone security system, smart home super hub, and artificially intelligent assistant that makes smart homes safer, more comfortable, more accessible, and more efficient. Its self-learning standalone security system that features 360° night vision camera, motiondetection, facial recognition, and intelligent sound detection, and can also work with any additional security systems. It features a full suite of connectivity systems and an open architecture that allows it to automatically sync with and manage nearly all smart home devices, including standard appliances plugged into smart plugs. It employs machine-learning techniques to learn your habits and surrounding preferences, and suggest automations for your home. It connects to wireless doors or windowsensors, moisturesensors, additional security cameras, and uses them to recognize who is there and when they are moving. Apart from these you can even keep track of the health of family members wearing smart bands. Its app lets you view and manage all these devices. It's smart enough to activate your security system when you are asleep or away from the home. It also streams live video of unusual events detected, and even connects you with people in the home if need arise. Its intelligent sound detection can tell the difference between normal home noises and other unusual sounds like breaking glass. It also provides wireless two-way video and audio communication. It connects to Wi-Fi and lets you make and receive video calls through any connected AV device, like a smart TV, computer, or mobile phone. Apart from this you can also make Wi-Fi voice calls using its speaker and microphone. It can detect unsafe air level, and will call for assistance, sends an alert and sound an alert. It can also create different sets of automations to activate for each member of your household that enters the room or the home. You can save on your energy bills by leaving device management to Momo. Its AI allows it to learn your patterns of smart home device usage and behavior, and suggest sets of actions for you to consider. You can chat with Momo via Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or Skype. You can create pre-set modes for different scenarios, stream your favorite web radio to connected Bluetooth speakers, set the thermostat to your perfect temperature, adjust the lighting and more. It provides a wide variety of remote functions, like remote activation of devices in it's network, uses 128-bit encryption running on proven software, encrypts all data that goes through it, runs on an open platform and works with all your other devices without losing any functionality. It works with natural language virtual assistants like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. This smart home robot automates your home and lets you have something for yourself. Pre-order: $279.

Momo Smart Home Assistant

Bonjour: Bonjour is a smart clock with artificial intelligence that acts as your personal assistant. It comes with a human voice and mannerisms, learns about your agenda and hobbies, and lets you make the most of each day. It's smart and can adjust your wake-up time if certain conditions are fulfilled. It tracks traffic conditions, weather and if there are any issues then it wakes you up earlier than scheduled time or lets you sleep in. It integrates with your calendar, knows your agenda, and automatically set alerts so you wont miss another meeting again. It seamlessly connects your iCal, Google Calendar, Google Map, Uber and more. It connects with your Pebble, Apple Watch, and holidays Sleepsensor and provides you with the insights and data to improve your sleep routine. Apart from these, it connects to many popular tracking devices such as Fitbit and Misfit to provide you with a comprehensive sleep analysis. It also integrates with devices like Fitbit, Apple Health, or Withings and provides fitness tracking and planning. It also acts as a voice-controlled smart hub for iOT, home automation and smart home devices making your home even smarter. It also integrates with IFTTT; integrates with your favorite smart home devices such as WeMo, Philips Hue and more. Its Amazon Alexa compatible, displays images from your security or baby cam, wakes you up with your favorite song, receive messages, and recharge your devices. It plays music, your favorite songs from Spotify or webradio stations. It's compatible with Google Play, AirPlay, Deezer and Soundcloud. Pre-order: $169.

Bonjour smart clock

Teodoor Smart Lock: Teodoor Smart Lock uses secure Bluetooth and turns your smartphone into your new door key. It's smart to know when you are approaching your door to unlock it, and also locks the door behind you. It sends you a notification if any one tries to force your door open. And if it's set to Vacation Mode, you're notified of any activity whatsoever. You can always use your existing keys to unlock your door just in case you don't have your smartphone with you. It installs easily on the inside of your existing lock on a wide variety of doors. Its app is compatible with iOS and Android, gives you give quick access to your daily nanny, weekly cleaner, one-time visits and more. Buy Now: $139.

Teodoor Smart Lock

Bixi Smart Controller: Bixi is a smart gesture controller that lets you control any smart device by simply waving. It senses your in-air hand gestures and commands your favorite smartphone apps, LifX and Hue bulbs, Internet Speakers, GoPro and many other IoT devices. It works via Bluetooth Low Energy protocol and the Bixi App connects Bixi to other devices based on Wi-Fi or other protocols. You can even control two devices or apps at one go. All you need to do is simply choose them in its app, connect Bixi to your iOS or Android smart phone and use its app to set up the device profiles you wish to use Bixi for. Its IFTTT channel is said to going live very soon. More info.

Bixi Smart Controller

Coin Smart Home System: Coin is a smart home system that lets you monitor important information about your home at anytime, anywhere. It makes your home smart, secure and more intelligent. Place it over the ground or on the wall, and it can detect people attempting to enter by forcible entry, crawling, walking or jumping. Place it over doors and windows to monitor opening and closing, bathroom or washbasin to monitor water leakage and more. Temperature and humidity of your home can also be set and monitored as well. It forms an intelligent mesh network and connects to cloudserver via gateway, and you can select the data transmission method, that notifies you when the event occurs or streams the data at regular intervals of time. It alerts you about important events and notifies you by text message, email and push notification on its app. Currently it has a range of 200 ft, and can be easily installed even in difficult to reach places. Coin and its gateway are fully compatible with Bluetooth 5. Pre-order.

Coin Smart Home System

Sennheiser Flex 5000: Sennheiser Flex 5000 is an advanced audio system that lets you move around (within a range of up to 30 m) while listening. It features three different hearing profiles to enhance TV, movies or music, to choose from. And for added clarity, it features a unique Speech Intelligibility that reduces TV background noise. This sleek transmitter/receiver improves your TV viewing with a personalized listening experience. It turns your wired headphone into a virtual wireless listening system and lets you customize the volume, sound profile and speech intelligibility to your needs. Buy Now: $ 199.95.

Sennheiser Flex 5000 advanced audio system

Up Smart Light: Up Smart Light is designed for your healthier sleep and wake up cycle. It wakes up with a dim yellow light and gradually changes to bright yellow, so you wake up naturally. It features 16 million colors, Bluetooth speaker, power bank (6000mah) to recharge your devices, unlimited brightness levels, different lighting modes and more. This customizable smart light transforms how you sleep and wake up. Its app controlled, works with Alexa and comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Pre-order.

Up Smart Light

Nodez Smart Home Solution: Nodez is an affordable Smart Home solution that lets you turn your home into a smart home using a single app to control all devices. You can customize the Nodez by creating scenarios; it's simple to setup - just take nodez out of the box, open its app, and setup in seconds. It consists of Nodez hub, Nodez guard, Nodez plug, Nodez socket, Nodez remote, Nodez buttons and more. It lets you monitor, control, automate, and more from anywhere. Pre-order: $196.

Nodez Smart Home Solution

Kancy Universal Smart Home Switch: Kancy is a compact smart switch that lets you control and automate your existing home appliances and devices with just the swipe of your finger. It makes your existing devices smarter while cutting down the cost of changing your old appliances. Anything that plugs into an outlet can interact with Kancy. It lets you control any electrical device in your home - lighting, stereo set, coffee machine, water heater, A/C, and more. Its app is iOS and Android compatible. More info.

Kancy Universal Smart Home Switch

Model 3 Water Heater: Model 3 is an advanced Wi-Fi enabled tankless water heater that uses patented Ohmic Array Technology to heat water, endlessly, on demand. It has the ability to pump up to 100 A and heats water up to 4 gallons per minute. Its app gives you the insights into your water (set temperature, amount of water and more), energy usage and let you control it. Its compact, measures 12" x 12" x 12" and is easy to install. Pre-order: $389.

Model 3 Water Heater

Linbell Wireless Doorbell: Linbell is a batteryfree wireless doorbell that's programmable, easy to install, and requires no wiring. It's entirely self-sufficient, and transforms the kinetic energy of the switch actuation. It comes with 36 types of ring tones and adjustable volume. Buy Now: $24.

Linbell Wireless Doorbell
Turn Touch Smart Home Remote Control: Turn Touch is a smart home remote control made from beautiful mahogany wood, features four buttons that lets you control Hue lights, Sonos speakers, smart devices, apps, and more. It works on iOS and macOS, and gives you control of your music, videos, presentations, and more. Pre-order: $69.

Turn Touch Smart Home Remote Control

Infini Smart Home Hub: Infini is a smart home hub that makes managing your connected home devices easy. It features an easy-to-use interface and beautifully designed touchscreen that allows you to interact with apps conveniently. It has an open API; you can download Spotify, Sonos, Uber, WeMo, Withings, Z - Wave and more from the Infini marketplace. iOS and Android devices are supported. Pre-order: $199.

Infini Smart Home Hub

iJINI Smart Home Robot: iJINI is a smart home robot that lets you control your connected devices in your home. It features various wireless communications - LTE modem, WiFi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. It features face, voice, and motionrecognition. You can schedule alerts, play songs, storytelling for kids, make video / regular call and messaging. It gives you lifestyle information such as weather, news and recipes. It lasts for up to 6 hours, has dual speakers, 4" screen max speed of 360mm/s and more. More info.

iJINI Smart Home Robot

Lighthouse Security Camera: Lighthouse Security Camera uses AI and makes your life a lot easier. Based on whether you're home, it automatically enables and disables alerts, so you, your family and trusted guests can come and go without unwanted alerts. It uses facial recognition and learns your household's members and guests, so you know instantly who's coming and going. You can set specific rules for notifications, for kids coming home in time, dog out for a walk, and more. It comes with night vision so you can keep watch even after the lights go down. It encrypts using bank-grade TLS/SSL with 2048-bit keys and AES-256 session encryption. Pre-order.

Lighthouse Security Camera

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May 23, 2017

15 Best Gear For Your Outdoor Adventures.

Once in a while to rejuvenate you need to get outdoors, get away from the daily routine, the rat race and able to enjoy nature and its beauty. To enjoy the outdoors, we have these best gadgets for your outdoor adventures.

SolSource Sport: SolSource Sport is a compact, portable and solar-powered stove that lets you cook delicious food outdoors. It works by focusing natural light and gets your sausages done and coffee steaming. It takes about 180 seconds for packing it away, and can be placed easily in the trunk or back of the truck. It's compatible with a wide range of camping and outdoor cookware. Its perfect for your backyard, a long weekend at a national park, tailgating, beach BBQ, and picnicking. Pre-order: $149.

SolSource Sport

WOKit 2.0 Universal Outdoor Carabiner Multi-Tool: The WOKit 2.0 is a modular design carabiner multi-tool that comes with 30+ functions making it perfect tool for your outdoor adventures. Pre-order: $29.

WOKit 2.0 Universal Outdoor Carabiner Multi-Tool

BeachSheetz: BeachSheetz is a 7x7ft microfiber sheet that's sand, heat, and waterresistant. It comes with weighted corners, security pouch and backpack attached making it perfect for beach. On the inside, there's a pocket to hold your smartphone, wallet and keys. It starts as a drawstring bag, and when you are done, simply place your things into the bag and it will return to its original form. Pre-order: $35.


Helio Outdoor Lantern: Helio is a compact outdoor lantern that weights just 45g, can reach 220 Lumens, its lighting distance can reach 20 meters, that's enough for 6 people in camping. It lasts for 10 hours and recharges in 20 minutes. Pre-order: $29.

Helio Outdoor Lantern

PackPillow: PackPillow is your outdoor pillow, seat cushion, stuff-sack and summit pack that makes it the best backpacking pillow. Its comfortable, lightweight, and durable; when not is use you can reverse it to protect its face-friendly fabric and expose the waterresistant ripstop nylon for you to use as a seat cushion. It comes with 6-liters of internal space; comfortably holds water bottles, food, and clothing layers. It also features a hole for your hydration pack and tube. It's specially designed to conform to the shape of your backpack while functioning as a stuff sack. Pre-order: $34.


Glow Tape: Glow Tape is rugged and waterproof, sticks to anything and gives out a super bright glow making it perfect for your tent. It keeps your tent visible in night by giving out super bright glow once the lights are off. Pre-order: About $10 (£7.99).

Glow Tape
The Undercover: While you enjoy your outdoor adventures with your group of friends, changing your outfit outdoors can be an issue and you cant expect a private place to change. The Undercover is a perfect solution for outdoor wardrobe changes. It's a portable changing room that also transforms into a backpack. Its designed to cover you up securely by drawstring while its patent pending Side Access Openings lets you to access anything you need to remove. It's made from hi-tech fabric that's sweat-wicking, odorresistant and more. Buy Now: $ 70.

The Undercover
Siesta4 Disco: The Siesta4 Disco is a heat and light-blocking tent that designed for four, made from a specially developed lightweight, durable, waterproof fly fabric that reflects light and keeps the interiors darker and cooler. It's so effective that you can even take an afternoon nap in the middle of a desert. Its silver shade fly fabric reflects off light from the tent creating an awe-inspiring kaleidoscope of colors that changes with the angle of the light. It also features ducted side vents, into which two ultra-quiet, 8 inch, USB-poweredfans can be installed. These draw cooling fresh air directly into the inner tent using a special fabric duct that connects the inner tent to the fly. Pre-order: $426.

Siesta4 Disco

GreenTraveler: GreenTraveler is a travel-friendly food container that features six separate sections in a liquid-tight unit making it easily portable with a backpack, handbag, strap or belt loop. These reusable containers let you take your food and beverages on-the-go without creating a mess. Pre-order: $70.


O2Tech Smart Lantern: O2Tech Smart Lantern is a smart, rugged, outdoor camping lantern. Using its app on your smartphone you can control it from a distance, change the brightness, choose the color, or setting it to flash and more. It even alerts you to possible weather changes, comes with weathersensors to measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, and sends the data to your smartphone. It comes with 5000mAh, the USB port lets you recharge your mobile phone or other devices. Pre-order: $70.

O2Tech Smart Lantern

Max Pump: Max Pump is a compact yet powerful pump that pumps up anything - air mattress, life buoys, air bed and more. Its light and portable and can be placed comfortably in your jacket pocket. Its rechargeable, weighs about 149g and lasts up to 90 minutes. Pre-order: $34.

Max Pump

Cruahybrid: The Cruahybrid is a tent / hammock that lets you sleep high or low and comes with a built-in sleeping bag and an insulated mattress for a comfortable night sleep outdoors. Pre-order: $309.


Cloudview Social Hammock: The Cloudview Social Hammock takes your outdoor adventure to the next level. It comes with Spreaderbars and Layflat patterning that provides a reclined chaise lounge posture. It also features a nospill cup holder and phone pocket. It lets you keep an eye on the kids or hold a conversation with friends in camp. Buy Now: $169.95.

Cloudview Social Hammock

BaseLantern XL: The BaseLantern XL is a Bluetooth Lantern and XL Power Hub that's perfect for lighting and recharging gadgets outdoors. It gives out 500 Lumen making it perfect for large group of campers. It features a 12000 mAh, and two USB ports to recharge your devices anywhere. Its apps gives you complete lighting control, timer, proximity activation, and real-time energy feedback. It flat-packs for easy transportation. Buy Now: $129.95.

BaseLantern XL

Sandusa Beach Towel: The Sandusa Beach Towel is a luxurious cotton beach towel that's sandproof and waterproof. So next time you visit the beach, you can leave the sand at the beach itself. Buy Now: $59.95.

Sandusa Beach Towel

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May 22, 2017

15 Essential Smartphone Gadgets You Can Buy.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and to speak the truth we cant live without one. And when something gets important to you, then its time that we look out for ways to improve it, make it more personalized, more dependable and useable. To make your smartphone smarter, we have these really cool devices that we are sure you are going to enjoy owning.

iLuun: iLuun Air is a smart wireless storage drive for your smartphone that lets you wirelessly store, share, and stream data. This wireless USB 3.0 flashdrive lets you easily, quickly, and safely move data between computers, smartphones, and smart devices without the need for Internet, cables, or adapters. It gives you up to 256GB of wireless storage that lets you store hundreds of movies or thousands of photos, songs, and documents, and access them on your smartphones or smart devices. Its multi-platform wireless streaming lets you to share your data with up to six devices simultaneously. Its iOS and Andriod app provides easy to use onscreen controls while making it easy to navigate and enjoy your content wherever you are. Its built-in media player streams videos, photos, and music while its one-step backup and restore function lets you copy your data to the drive. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and acts as its own router. It also features built-in encryption that ensures file system security. Buy Now: From $69.99.

iLuun Air smart wireless storage drive

Selfly Camera: Selfly is a smart flying phone case camera that takes selfie to the next level. It features high-end stabilization technology and flies by itself, standing or hovering autonomously anywhere, and works along with your smartphone. It measures only 9mm thin and can be placed easily in your pocket. The Selfly Power Bank features 12,000mAh, and can recharge your Selfly ten times. Pre-order: $99.

Selfly smart flying phone case camera

iMicroscope R: iMicroscope R is a slim and ultra-portable device that brings microscope to your smartphone. It measures 4.5mm thick, features aspherical lens, instant lens switching, microRuler (stage micrometer) made by photomask technology, to assure accuracy, and can be placed smoothly in your pocket. It works with phones with a flat camera, or a small-extruded camera; and uses nanopad to attach to your smartphone. Its app is perfect for education and professional application. Pre-order: About $ 58 (CA $ 78).

iMicroscope R

Rigiet: Rigiet is an advanced stabilizer for your smartphone that comes with a total of seven different shootingmodes, and got you covered in every situation. It lets you record every moment in your life and turns it into smooth and steady cinematic videos. It comes with an easy-to-use control panel that lets you to quickly switch between photo and video mode, front and rear camera and zoom in and out. You can adjust direction by hand, comes with GoPro Support, and is compatible with tripods. Its app features simply drag-and-drop function that lets you drag-and-drop any object you want to auto-track and Rigiet follows the object for a perfect photo. It works for both front and rear camera, and even during streaming. If you want to film in landscape or portrait, Rigiet automatically detects it and adjusts accordingly. It recharges your smartphone while you are taking videos and you can even simultaneously recharge your smartphone and Rigiet with a power bank. It lets you share your favorite moments with your friends and family through a livestream on any social media network. Its app lets you to share content directly on the social media networks. It comes with three different panorama modes. Pre-order: $129.

Rigiet stabilizer for your smartphone

A-iEasy: A-iEasy is a compact one-piece foldable plastic display stand that sticks on the smart phone or smart device and lets you use it in the portrait or landscape mode. It measures 2.4mm, weighs 10g, gives you 7 viewing options, is highly flexible and durable, and is simple yet sturdy. Pre-order: $6.

A-iEasy foldable plastic display stand

X-Connect: The asap X-Connect is perfect for those household where iPhone and Android smartphones happily exist together. This magnetic USB cable is compatible with all phones - iPhone and Android. Buy Now.


iKlips Duo: Looking for ways to increase your storage space for your iPhone? iKlips Duo gives you up to 256 GB storage to manage your iOS your way. It lets you easily and securely share your music, videos, photos, work projects, and more between all your devices - iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, Mac, and PC. Just plug the iKlips Duo into your device, and expand your storage space on the go. It lets you manage your device better with the content you need and when you need it. Its app features 3D Touch support, Split View, multi-select, Touch ID password protection, Drop To, and integrates with Apple's Music app to access your iTunes purchases. It's available in four vivid colors and four storage capacities - 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models. It comes with a keyring so that you can always keep it close to you. Pre-order: From $89.

iKlips Duo

Blade: Blade4000 is an on the go (OTG) micro SD card reader (8-256GB) for all your devices - Apple, Android, drones, cameras, GPS, Gopro, and TV. It also doubles as a powerbank, comes with 4000mAh, and it makes transferring videos, music and data between family and friends, across different devices easy. Its app gives you various details of the smartphone and Blade's including voltage, temperature, standby time, and more. Pre-order: From $49.

Blade4000 micro SD card reader

Magqi: Broken cable is one of the major issues we face due to repeated plug-in and out. Magqi is a wireless recharger that you have everywhere. It includes magnetic wireless desk recharger, magnetic wireless car recharger, and magnetic wireless power bank. It also includes 4 types of magnetic Qi receivers for different phones. Pre-order: From $29.

Magqi wireless recharger

Elago Stand: The Elago Stand turns your smartphone into a mini-Macintosh. Its designed for iPhone 7 and iPhone 6/6s, comes with an opening on the side for placing your device, gives access to the volume buttons and lets you interact with the phone's touchscreen. Buy Now: About: $39 (€34.95).

Elago Stand
Smove: Smove is a smart stabilizer for your smartphone that doubles as a power bank. Its most advanced 3-axis stabilizer supports smart phones and GoPro or action cameras. It gives you automated 360 degree panorama images, features auto face follow and lets you get professional looking, smooth videos using your smartphone. Its Smove Pro makes livestreaming easy with its proprietary Auto Portrait control button. Pre-order: From $149.

Smove smart stabilizer

Standeazy Ultra: Standeazy Ultra is a credit card sized aluminum phone stand that's super slim, measures 1.2mm thin, weighs 7g, works with iPhone and Android cases, and can be placed comfortably in your wallet. Pre-order: $10.

Standeazy Ultra phone stand

Shiftcam 6-in-1 Lens Case for iPhone 7 Plus: Shiftcam is a 6-in-1 mobile lens case that takes iPhoneography to a new perspective. It comes with macro, wide-angle, telephoto, and fisheye lenses that you can switch with a flick and take high quality photos. Pre-order: About $ 59.

Shiftcam 6-in-1 Lens Case for iPhone 7 Plus

SLXtreme Waterproof iPhone 7 Case: The SLXtreme Solar iPhone 7 Case is rugged and waterproof, comes with integrated solar panels (trickle recharge), 4000 mAh, and protects your smartphone. It protects your phone from falls up to 6.6ft and is waterproof up to 6.6ft making it ideal for your outdoor adventures. Buy Now: $149.99.

SLXtreme Waterproof iPhone 7 Case
Mous Limitless iPhone Case: The Mous Limitless iPhone Case features Airoshock, an advanced smart-material engineered to provide the ultimate protection. These cases are made from materials like bamboo wood, black marble and kevlar. This super slim case provides maximum protection. Pre-order: $34.

Mous Limitless iPhone Case

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