May 23, 2017

15 Best Gear For Your Outdoor Adventures.

Once in a while to rejuvenate you need to get outdoors, get away from the daily routine, the rat race and able to enjoy nature and its beauty. To enjoy the outdoors, we have these best gadgets for your outdoor adventures.

SolSource Sport: SolSource Sport is a compact, portable and solar-powered stove that lets you cook delicious food outdoors. It works by focusing natural light and gets your sausages done and coffee steaming. It takes about 180 seconds for packing it away, and can be placed easily in the trunk or back of the truck. It's compatible with a wide range of camping and outdoor cookware. Its perfect for your backyard, a long weekend at a national park, tailgating, beach BBQ, and picnicking. Pre-order: $149.

SolSource Sport

WOKit 2.0 Universal Outdoor Carabiner Multi-Tool: The WOKit 2.0 is a modular design carabiner multi-tool that comes with 30+ functions making it perfect tool for your outdoor adventures. Pre-order: $29.

WOKit 2.0 Universal Outdoor Carabiner Multi-Tool

BeachSheetz: BeachSheetz is a 7x7ft microfiber sheet that's sand, heat, and waterresistant. It comes with weighted corners, security pouch and backpack attached making it perfect for beach. On the inside, there's a pocket to hold your smartphone, wallet and keys. It starts as a drawstring bag, and when you are done, simply place your things into the bag and it will return to its original form. Pre-order: $35.


Helio Outdoor Lantern: Helio is a compact outdoor lantern that weights just 45g, can reach 220 Lumens, its lighting distance can reach 20 meters, that's enough for 6 people in camping. It lasts for 10 hours and recharges in 20 minutes. Pre-order: $29.

Helio Outdoor Lantern

PackPillow: PackPillow is your outdoor pillow, seat cushion, stuff-sack and summit pack that makes it the best backpacking pillow. Its comfortable, lightweight, and durable; when not is use you can reverse it to protect its face-friendly fabric and expose the waterresistant ripstop nylon for you to use as a seat cushion. It comes with 6-liters of internal space; comfortably holds water bottles, food, and clothing layers. It also features a hole for your hydration pack and tube. It's specially designed to conform to the shape of your backpack while functioning as a stuff sack. Pre-order: $34.


Glow Tape: Glow Tape is rugged and waterproof, sticks to anything and gives out a super bright glow making it perfect for your tent. It keeps your tent visible in night by giving out super bright glow once the lights are off. Pre-order: About $10 (£7.99).

Glow Tape
The Undercover: While you enjoy your outdoor adventures with your group of friends, changing your outfit outdoors can be an issue and you cant expect a private place to change. The Undercover is a perfect solution for outdoor wardrobe changes. It's a portable changing room that also transforms into a backpack. Its designed to cover you up securely by drawstring while its patent pending Side Access Openings lets you to access anything you need to remove. It's made from hi-tech fabric that's sweat-wicking, odorresistant and more. Buy Now: $ 70.

The Undercover
Siesta4 Disco: The Siesta4 Disco is a heat and light-blocking tent that designed for four, made from a specially developed lightweight, durable, waterproof fly fabric that reflects light and keeps the interiors darker and cooler. It's so effective that you can even take an afternoon nap in the middle of a desert. Its silver shade fly fabric reflects off light from the tent creating an awe-inspiring kaleidoscope of colors that changes with the angle of the light. It also features ducted side vents, into which two ultra-quiet, 8 inch, USB-poweredfans can be installed. These draw cooling fresh air directly into the inner tent using a special fabric duct that connects the inner tent to the fly. Pre-order: $426.

Siesta4 Disco

GreenTraveler: GreenTraveler is a travel-friendly food container that features six separate sections in a liquid-tight unit making it easily portable with a backpack, handbag, strap or belt loop. These reusable containers let you take your food and beverages on-the-go without creating a mess. Pre-order: $70.


O2Tech Smart Lantern: O2Tech Smart Lantern is a smart, rugged, outdoor camping lantern. Using its app on your smartphone you can control it from a distance, change the brightness, choose the color, or setting it to flash and more. It even alerts you to possible weather changes, comes with weathersensors to measure temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, and sends the data to your smartphone. It comes with 5000mAh, the USB port lets you recharge your mobile phone or other devices. Pre-order: $70.

O2Tech Smart Lantern

Max Pump: Max Pump is a compact yet powerful pump that pumps up anything - air mattress, life buoys, air bed and more. Its light and portable and can be placed comfortably in your jacket pocket. Its rechargeable, weighs about 149g and lasts up to 90 minutes. Pre-order: $34.

Max Pump

Cruahybrid: The Cruahybrid is a tent / hammock that lets you sleep high or low and comes with a built-in sleeping bag and an insulated mattress for a comfortable night sleep outdoors. Pre-order: $309.


Cloudview Social Hammock: The Cloudview Social Hammock takes your outdoor adventure to the next level. It comes with Spreaderbars and Layflat patterning that provides a reclined chaise lounge posture. It also features a nospill cup holder and phone pocket. It lets you keep an eye on the kids or hold a conversation with friends in camp. Buy Now: $169.95.

Cloudview Social Hammock

BaseLantern XL: The BaseLantern XL is a Bluetooth Lantern and XL Power Hub that's perfect for lighting and recharging gadgets outdoors. It gives out 500 Lumen making it perfect for large group of campers. It features a 12000 mAh, and two USB ports to recharge your devices anywhere. Its apps gives you complete lighting control, timer, proximity activation, and real-time energy feedback. It flat-packs for easy transportation. Buy Now: $129.95.

BaseLantern XL

Sandusa Beach Towel: The Sandusa Beach Towel is a luxurious cotton beach towel that's sandproof and waterproof. So next time you visit the beach, you can leave the sand at the beach itself. Buy Now: $59.95.

Sandusa Beach Towel

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May 22, 2017

15 Essential Smartphone Gadgets You Can Buy.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives and to speak the truth we cant live without one. And when something gets important to you, then its time that we look out for ways to improve it, make it more personalized, more dependable and useable. To make your smartphone smarter, we have these really cool devices that we are sure you are going to enjoy owning.

iLuun: iLuun Air is a smart wireless storage drive for your smartphone that lets you wirelessly store, share, and stream data. This wireless USB 3.0 flashdrive lets you easily, quickly, and safely move data between computers, smartphones, and smart devices without the need for Internet, cables, or adapters. It gives you up to 256GB of wireless storage that lets you store hundreds of movies or thousands of photos, songs, and documents, and access them on your smartphones or smart devices. Its multi-platform wireless streaming lets you to share your data with up to six devices simultaneously. Its iOS and Andriod app provides easy to use onscreen controls while making it easy to navigate and enjoy your content wherever you are. Its built-in media player streams videos, photos, and music while its one-step backup and restore function lets you copy your data to the drive. It comes with a built-in Wi-Fi and acts as its own router. It also features built-in encryption that ensures file system security. Buy Now: From $69.99.

iLuun Air smart wireless storage drive

Selfly Camera: Selfly is a smart flying phone case camera that takes selfie to the next level. It features high-end stabilization technology and flies by itself, standing or hovering autonomously anywhere, and works along with your smartphone. It measures only 9mm thin and can be placed easily in your pocket. The Selfly Power Bank features 12,000mAh, and can recharge your Selfly ten times. Pre-order: $99.

Selfly smart flying phone case camera

iMicroscope R: iMicroscope R is a slim and ultra-portable device that brings microscope to your smartphone. It measures 4.5mm thick, features aspherical lens, instant lens switching, microRuler (stage micrometer) made by photomask technology, to assure accuracy, and can be placed smoothly in your pocket. It works with phones with a flat camera, or a small-extruded camera; and uses nanopad to attach to your smartphone. Its app is perfect for education and professional application. Pre-order: About $ 58 (CA $ 78).

iMicroscope R

Rigiet: Rigiet is an advanced stabilizer for your smartphone that comes with a total of seven different shootingmodes, and got you covered in every situation. It lets you record every moment in your life and turns it into smooth and steady cinematic videos. It comes with an easy-to-use control panel that lets you to quickly switch between photo and video mode, front and rear camera and zoom in and out. You can adjust direction by hand, comes with GoPro Support, and is compatible with tripods. Its app features simply drag-and-drop function that lets you drag-and-drop any object you want to auto-track and Rigiet follows the object for a perfect photo. It works for both front and rear camera, and even during streaming. If you want to film in landscape or portrait, Rigiet automatically detects it and adjusts accordingly. It recharges your smartphone while you are taking videos and you can even simultaneously recharge your smartphone and Rigiet with a power bank. It lets you share your favorite moments with your friends and family through a livestream on any social media network. Its app lets you to share content directly on the social media networks. It comes with three different panorama modes. Pre-order: $129.

Rigiet stabilizer for your smartphone

A-iEasy: A-iEasy is a compact one-piece foldable plastic display stand that sticks on the smart phone or smart device and lets you use it in the portrait or landscape mode. It measures 2.4mm, weighs 10g, gives you 7 viewing options, is highly flexible and durable, and is simple yet sturdy. Pre-order: $6.

A-iEasy foldable plastic display stand

X-Connect: The asap X-Connect is perfect for those household where iPhone and Android smartphones happily exist together. This magnetic USB cable is compatible with all phones - iPhone and Android. Buy Now.


iKlips Duo: Looking for ways to increase your storage space for your iPhone? iKlips Duo gives you up to 256 GB storage to manage your iOS your way. It lets you easily and securely share your music, videos, photos, work projects, and more between all your devices - iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro, Mac, and PC. Just plug the iKlips Duo into your device, and expand your storage space on the go. It lets you manage your device better with the content you need and when you need it. Its app features 3D Touch support, Split View, multi-select, Touch ID password protection, Drop To, and integrates with Apple's Music app to access your iTunes purchases. It's available in four vivid colors and four storage capacities - 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB models. It comes with a keyring so that you can always keep it close to you. Pre-order: From $89.

iKlips Duo

Blade: Blade4000 is an on the go (OTG) micro SD card reader (8-256GB) for all your devices - Apple, Android, drones, cameras, GPS, Gopro, and TV. It also doubles as a powerbank, comes with 4000mAh, and it makes transferring videos, music and data between family and friends, across different devices easy. Its app gives you various details of the smartphone and Blade's including voltage, temperature, standby time, and more. Pre-order: From $49.

Blade4000 micro SD card reader

Magqi: Broken cable is one of the major issues we face due to repeated plug-in and out. Magqi is a wireless recharger that you have everywhere. It includes magnetic wireless desk recharger, magnetic wireless car recharger, and magnetic wireless power bank. It also includes 4 types of magnetic Qi receivers for different phones. Pre-order: From $29.

Magqi wireless recharger

Elago Stand: The Elago Stand turns your smartphone into a mini-Macintosh. Its designed for iPhone 7 and iPhone 6/6s, comes with an opening on the side for placing your device, gives access to the volume buttons and lets you interact with the phone's touchscreen. Buy Now: About: $39 (€34.95).

Elago Stand
Smove: Smove is a smart stabilizer for your smartphone that doubles as a power bank. Its most advanced 3-axis stabilizer supports smart phones and GoPro or action cameras. It gives you automated 360 degree panorama images, features auto face follow and lets you get professional looking, smooth videos using your smartphone. Its Smove Pro makes livestreaming easy with its proprietary Auto Portrait control button. Pre-order: From $149.

Smove smart stabilizer

Standeazy Ultra: Standeazy Ultra is a credit card sized aluminum phone stand that's super slim, measures 1.2mm thin, weighs 7g, works with iPhone and Android cases, and can be placed comfortably in your wallet. Pre-order: $10.

Standeazy Ultra phone stand

Shiftcam 6-in-1 Lens Case for iPhone 7 Plus: Shiftcam is a 6-in-1 mobile lens case that takes iPhoneography to a new perspective. It comes with macro, wide-angle, telephoto, and fisheye lenses that you can switch with a flick and take high quality photos. Pre-order: About $ 59.

Shiftcam 6-in-1 Lens Case for iPhone 7 Plus

SLXtreme Waterproof iPhone 7 Case: The SLXtreme Solar iPhone 7 Case is rugged and waterproof, comes with integrated solar panels (trickle recharge), 4000 mAh, and protects your smartphone. It protects your phone from falls up to 6.6ft and is waterproof up to 6.6ft making it ideal for your outdoor adventures. Buy Now: $149.99.

SLXtreme Waterproof iPhone 7 Case
Mous Limitless iPhone Case: The Mous Limitless iPhone Case features Airoshock, an advanced smart-material engineered to provide the ultimate protection. These cases are made from materials like bamboo wood, black marble and kevlar. This super slim case provides maximum protection. Pre-order: $34.

Mous Limitless iPhone Case

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May 20, 2017

15 Must Have Gadgets For Runners.

Collection of Best Gadgets for Runners from all over the world.

Running Shorts: This smart performance shorts combines function, convenience and performance. It's a 2 layer running short with smartphone pocket, key pocket, reflective details, antistink with 4 way stretch fabric and more. Just put your smartphone in its special pocket and listen to music while running. Its safety pocket at back keeps your keys and small valuables safe. During the night run, its reflective details ensures your safety. Its four way stretch inner tights move with you to keep your thighs from rubbing. Buy Now: $49.99.

Running Shorts

Convertiblehdl: It is a voice activated headlamp and action camera that allows the runners to record all the action while lighting your path throughout your run. The action camera features an integrated GPS, altimeter and accelerometer to ensure you can share all your running stats. The camera provides 1080p vivid color and clarity. Its smart headlamp supports over 400 lumens and can be adjusted through its smartphone app. Pre-order: $ 349.

Enko Running Shoes: Enko Running Shoes give you more power and comfort. It keeps all the energy in your approach, while bringing you forward. It comes with two shock absorbers that conserve all the energy stored in each stride, and the stored energy is given back when you lift your heel off the ground again. It makes your running more efficient. Buy Now: $390.

Enko Running Shoes

Sound Running Vest: The Sound Running Vest comes with integrated speakers right below your ears, lets you listen to your music without eliminating the sounds around you. This lightweight form running vest is perfect for every run - day or night. It features a two-pocket system in the front that holds your smart phone or small gadgets, keys or ID. You can easily remove its speakers for washing and it comes with 360ยบ reflectivity. Buy Now: $ 55.

Sound Running Vest
Tundra Band: Tundra Band is a Bluetooth wireless headphones for runners that lets you enjoy your music while running. It comes with integrated headphones that are housed in the headband, Bluetooth 4.1, range of 30 feet, gives you 60 hours standby time and 8+ hours play time. Buy Now: $ 29.99.

Tundra Band
Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles and Buckles: The Lechal insoles and buckles can turn your regular pair of shoes into smart shoes and lets you navigate handsfree (even when offline), lets you track your fitness accurately by measuring steps taken, calories used, distance traveled and more. It provides you detailed route guidance through simple buzz and patterns. Buy Now: $99.99.

Lechal Smart Navigation and Fitness Tracking Insoles and Buckles

Flux - Climate Control Running Gloves: Flux places climate control in the palm of your hands. Designed for coldweather runs, it allows the runner to control the temperature of the hand and release the build up of sweat. All you need to do is simply open your hand to cool and close your hand to warm. It comes with adaptive insulation, uses a unique robotic knitting technology and weighs only 16 grams each. Buy Now.

Climate Control Running Gloves

Simple Hydration: The Simple Hydration is a hookshaped water bottle that allows runners to easily place it onto a waistband or into a pocket and makes it easier to take water with you. Buy Now: $19.99.

Simple Hydration
FlipBelt: The FlipBelt provides you an easy way to hold your smart phone, keys, cash, cards and more while running. Buy Now.

Lightningvest: The Vest is a handnetted, highly visible safety vest made from 3M reflective material that keeps you visible at night. You can wear it over jackets and t-shirts while riding a bike or running at night. Its neck opening is wide enough to pass over your helmet. It's lightweight, strong, and compact enough to be placed in your pocket. More info.


Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights: The Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights illuminate the path directly in front of you. These lights provide up to 30 meters of visibility, bi-lateral winged design features 270° of visibility. Buy Now: $ 49.95.

Night Runner 270° Shoe Lights

Jaybird's Wireless Earbuds: Jaybird's Wireless Earbuds are micro-sized, sweatproof, premium metal earbuds that provides you superior audio performance. Buy Now.

Jaybird's Wireless Earbuds
Garmin Forerunner 235: The Forerunner 235 tracks distance, daily steps, calories, sleep and more. Its connected features include automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking, audio prompts, smart notifications and social media sharing. Buy Now: $329.99.

Garmin Forerunner 235
Hydration Running Belt: The Hydration Running Belt is perfect for both short and long distances. It comes with a pocket to hold your smart phone, keys, credit card and more along with you. It holds two 6 Oz bottles to keep you hydrated for your run. Buy Now: $19.99.

Hydration Running Belt
Runscribe: Runscribe is a smart wearable for runners that provides 13 kinematic metrics for making informed training decisions. It needs to be placed on the back of your shoe and uses a 9-axissensor to record your footmovements during the gait cycle. You can access your data through your iOS or Android device. Buy Now: $ 199.

Runscribe smart wearable for runners

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May 19, 2017

15 Must Have Photography Gear.

To be able to take perfect photos and videos, you need the best photography gear and if you are looking for the same, we got you covered.

Illuminatimeter: The Illuminatimeter is a Bluetooth light and color meter that works with smartphones. It sends readings in real time to your smart phone or smartwatch. Just place the Illuminatimeter anywhere in your scene and it continuously monitors the ambient lighting and color. It's programmable and alerts you if the brightness changes or the color temperature changes during the golden hour. Pre-order: $229.


GearEye: GearEye is a smart gear management system to organize and track your gear. All you need to do is place the RFID GearTag on your gear, and everything in your bag can now be easily accounted for, with a simple tap on your smartphone. Pre-order: $129.


Sparkcamera Remote: This versatile camera remote features three different modes of control (smartphone app, wired and more), and its built to adapt to whatever situation you are taking photos in. Whether you are taking a long exposure of the stars, settling down and setting up a time lapse or a fun group photo, it gives you instant control. Pre-order: $44.

Sparkcamera Remote

Prvke 21: Prvke 21 is the best bag for camera gear and EDC; this stylish and functional bag is designed for the photographer and traveler and is built to be your daily workhorse. The rolltop makes the bag expandable (extra 4 liters) and gives quick access to your gear without opening the clamshell. Pre-order: $ 265.

Prvke 21
LenstaWide: LenstaWide is a professional smartphone camera lens that gives broader width, bigger perspective, and more elements and people in your photos. It's made with the same materials used to build high quality professional cameras and gives you lively colors, great angle, and high resolution. Pre-order: $49.


Camslinger Outdoor: The Camslinger Outdoor is a camera bag designed for quick and single-handed access. It takes just a second to get your camera. You can wear it at the hip or as a slingbag over your shoulder. It holds all kinds of mirrorless cameras, mid-sized DSLRs and superzooms. Pre-order: $79.

Camslinger Outdoor

Foxshot: Foxshot is a compact waterresistant camera that can be placed anywhere - glass, wood, screen and even marble. It blends with the surroundings; its noise-canceling microphone restores the recording scene more realistically. It can stick, re-stick, and stick time after time, make your own kind of sticker. It measures 1.6 inches * 0.6 inches, weight is only 37g, records 1920 * 1080 HD video, and you can use its app as your remote and to get creative with time-lapse. Pre-order: $39.


Pinout: Pinout is a compact gadget that plugs to your DSLR camera and uses Bluetooth LE to connect to its app on your smartphone to give you remote access to your camera. Apart from this, it features remote release, geotagging, timelapse, HDR, loss prevention, and more. Pre-order: $29.


Quikdraw: Quikdraw attaches to your belt and holds lens for photographers on the go. It features same twist-and-lock move as your camera is used to securely store lenses at the hip for instant accessibility. It works with any standard-sized belt and securely holds any Canon EOS or Nikon F mountlens. More info.

CameraMator: CameraMator is a wireless tethered photography gadget that lets you control your DSLR and review images with an iPad, phone and Android devices. It lets you instantly preview and share your photos beyond your camera's viewfinder. More info.

Radian: Radian is a compact rugged unit that can rotate side-to-side, tilt up and down, dynamically speed up and slow down and lets you take incredible moving time-lapses with just a few swipes of your iOS or Android device. More info.

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner: The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner provides instant scanning, edit, print and share all your 35mm films using your smartphone. Buy Now: $49.

Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner
Boxie: Boxie lets you expand your iPhone storage with replaceable SD cards. It wirelessly stores your videos and photos in real time. All the photos and videos taken via its app are directly stored onto Boxie without taking up any of your iPhone's local storage; and can be accessed directly on Boxie from up to 5 devices. Its like having your personal cloudstorage, and it comes with 6000 mAh to juice up your favorite smartphone on the go. Buy Now: $90.

Boxie iPhone storage
Everyday Messenger: The Everyday Messenger is a beautiful, intelligent and adaptable messenger bag designed around the workflows of photographers, travelers and commuters. It adapts to your gear and lifestyle, no matter where you go or what you take along. Buy Now: $219.95.

Everyday Messenger
Prismo: Prismo is an optics attachment designed for smartphone front-facing camera that lets you take photos and record videos handsfree, in a subtle and unobtrusive way. All you need to do is stretch Prismo onto your smartphone, and over the front-facing camera and start taking photos and recording video. Buy Now.


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