Jun 27, 2017

20 Best Book Decor for Avid Readers.

The world of avid readers revolve around books, so why not give a touch of bookishness to your home and make it adorable and who knows you may even motivate others to get into the habit of reading more books!

Storybook Carpet: The Storybook Carpet looks real sweet and for sure is going to be a perfect addition in your kid's room. Its called the Pop Up Book Carpet designed by the Bob Foundation, and comes from Japan. Its one side says Once Upon a Time and the other side says Happily Ever After. It gives you a cool way to initiate interest in kids for reading books. Buy Now.

Storybook Carpet
Book Planter: The book shaped planter comes with small container for soil for the plant to grow, its revealed once you open the book. You can place it on its own or along with other real books for creating a surreal effect and it looks like the plant has grown out of the paper pages. It comes from Tokyo-based design studio YOY. More info.

Book Planter
Book Bed: To overcome the lack of space faced by urban-dwelling Japanese families, photographer and innovator Yusuke Suzuki came up with this innovative bed design. This 'fold-up' bed is in the shape of a book; when opened at night, its pages act as a duvet and pillows and it comes with large cut out shapes and illustrations. And during the day it can be folded up and used as a playmat. More info.

Book Bed(Image: Credit).

Book BedBooks Shower Curtain: The Books Shower Curtain is 100% polyester with image printed directly on the curtain that lets you give a of literary touch to your bathroom. Buy Now.

Books Shower Curtain
Book Stair Decals: How about turning your staircase into a distinguished library using these cool book stair decals? These are customized, so you can choose any title you want or can come up with something of your own. Buy Now.

Book Stair Decals
Bedtime Stories Blanket: An interesting way to read books right before you go to bed, part of an interesting project named Sleepless. More info.

Bedtime Stories BlanketBedtime Stories BlanketBook Clock: The Book Clock is a set of black books that function as a clock, perfectly disguised on your bookshelf and displays time. Buy Now: $48.66.

Book Clock
Book Plates: The Book Plates are perfect for a wide variety of cuisines. Buy Now.

Book Plates
Book Bench: Book Bench is avpart of book-themed furniture created by Big Cozy Books. It has perfect height for sitting and are available in 6', 7' and 8' lengths. It's sure to create the right type of setting in your library. Buy Now.

Book BenchBooks Pillow Cover: The Old Books Pillow Covers are sure to look great in your library. These come with print on both sides and feature a hidden zipper. These are available in three sizes: 16x16, 18x18 or 20x20. Buy Now.

Books Pillow Cover
Folding Book Night Light: The Folding Book Night Light folds right back on itself and gives out light around 360 degrees. Its USB rechargeable; lasts up to 6 hours, and comes with 2500mAh. You have two lighting color options to choose from - yellow and white. Buy Now: $55.

Folding Book Night Light
Classic Book Bookends: These cool bookends are designed to look like books, keeps your books in place and also stores your small things in their drawers. Buy Now: $59.

Classic Book Bookends
Bibliotek Vase: The Bibliotek Vases from Seletti is made out of porcelain, looks like a set of books, makes a perfect addition to your home library. Just put your favorite flower in them or you can even use them to hold your stationary like ruler, brushes, pens and more. What more, you can even use them as bookends. Buy Now: $121.26.

Bibliotek Vase
Book Page Luminary Bag: The Book Page Luminary Bag is fashioned out of vintage book pages, looks cool as table centerpieces for homes, parties, events and more, available in three sizes. Buy Now.

Book Page Luminary Bag
Book Planters: These cool book planters are called Honbachi; reuses olds books in a good way, grows succulent plants, and sure to look good anywhere you place them. Buy Now.

Book PlantersBook PlantersOpen Book Booths: Open Book Booths also come from Big Cozy Books, part of their book-themed furniture. These are designed for standard height tables, for comfortable work top level. Buy Now.

Open Book Booths Old Books Tapestry: Old Books Tapestry is a beautiful and colorful wall art that compliments your home. Its made of 100% lightweight polyester with handsewn finished edges, can be used indoors and outdoors. Buy Now.

Old Books Tapestry
Book Paper Sculpture: The Book Paper Sculpture is folded from the pages of a used paperback novel, looks good on your desktop, as a table centerpiece and more. Buy Now.

Book Paper Sculpture
Library Book Switch Plate Cover: The Library Book Switch Plate Cover is a vintage metal Amerock Carriage House switch plate covered in a decoupage book page, measures 5.75" x 3.25", and is perfect for your indoor library. Buy Now.

Library Book Switch Plate Cover
Book Paper Art Sculpture: The Book Paper Art Sculpture is made from a discarded Spanish book; the tree features book paper and black silk paper leaves, and can be placed on a shelf or fixed on a wall. Buy Now.

Book Paper Art Sculpture
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Jun 26, 2017

15 Coolest Outlet Wall Plates.

How about jazzing up your walls with these cool decorative outlet covers? Just replace your standard outlet cover plates with these cool outlet covers and give a personal touch to any room in your home.

Socket Deer: The Socket Deer Outlet Covers allow you to place your smart phone on the wall while recharging. Apart from your smart phone, you can also place your portable gadgets like your camera, GPS and more. The antlers come in three types and are perfectly shaped to hold your gadgets. More info.

Socket Deer Outlet Covers
(Image: Credit).

Starwars Themed Outlet Cover: The Starwars Themed Outlet Cover is a handmade decorative outlet cover, its made from pro material and is 3/8" larger than standard to cover walls better. Buy Now.

Starwars Themed Outlet Cover
Snaprays Guidelight: Snaprays Guidelight comes with nightlight designed into the cover plate. It looks like any other standard outlet cover plate and replaces the same, it installs within seconds and requires no wires and always leaves both outlets open for use. It automatically provides illumination in the dark and turns off during the day. Buy Now.

Snaprays Guidelight

Jaws Outlet Cover: The Jaws Outlet Cover is an unbreakable switch plate cover, is scratchresistant, and withstands daily use and can be cleaned using any household cleaner. The image is printed using a unique direct printing process on this outlet cover. Buy Now.

Jaws Outlet Cover
Calla Lily Outlet Cover: The Calla Lily Outlet Cover turns your wall outlet into a recharging station for your smartphone; the calla lily holds your phone while recharging. Buy Now.

Calla Lily Outlet Cover
Batman Wall Plate Outlet Cover: The Batman Wall Plate Outlet Cover is perfect for your room, bathroom, bedroom and more. Buy Now.

Batman Wall Plate Outlet Cover
Snappower Recharger: With all the smart devices around, we are always looking to recharge them, and Snappower Recharger makes that easy. It's a USB recharger built into an outlet plate. All you need to do is remove your standard outlet cover and replace it with this device. Buy Now.

Snappower Recharger

Spiderman Outlet Cover: Now where are you going to fix this Spiderman Outlet Cover as Spiderman looks cool on any wall? The outlet covers is handmade by using the art of decoupage. Buy Now.

Spiderman Outlet Cover
Ninja Turtles Comics Outlet Cover: The Ninja Turtles Comics Outlet Cover comes decoupaged with a picture from the comic book and gives you a simple and easy way to bring color and personality into your room. Its made from nylon and is 3 3/16" x 4 15/16", making it slightly larger than normal plates for better coverage. Buy Now.

Ninja Turtles Comics Outlet Cover
Supergirl DC Comics Outlet Cover: This cool outlet cover comes decoupaged with pictures of various characters from the comic book. Its made from nylon and is 3 3/16" x 4 15/16", making it slightly larger than normal plates for better coverage. Buy Now.

Supergirl DC Comics Outlet Cover
Lion King Outlet Covers: These Lion King Outlet Covers are perfect for your kid's room; and is created using the art of decoupage, and sealed with several coats of acrylic glaze for easy cleaning and durability. Buy Now.

Lion King Outlet Covers
Wolverine Outlet Cover: Where do you think the Wolverine Outlet Cover should go, bedroom, living room, or bathroom? The image is heat pressed on, wont scratch easy and features glossy or satin finish. Buy Now.

Wolverine Outlet Cover
Frozen Power Outlet Cover: The Frozen Power Outlet Cover features characters from Frozen, is perfect for your kid's room, created using the art of decoupage, and sealed with several coats of acrylic glaze for easy cleaning and durability. Buy Now.

Frozen Power Outlet Cover
Green Lantern Outlet Cover: This cool outlet cover comes decoupaged with a picture from the comic book - Green Lantern. Its made from nylon and is 3 3/16" x 4 15/16", making it slightly larger than normal plates for better coverage. Buy Now.

Green Lantern Outlet Cover
Space Outlet Cover: How about giving a touch of space to your room? The Space Outlet Cover is perfect for any room. The cover is made by decoupage with hardening enamel to seal it off. Buy Now.

Space Outlet Cover
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Jun 24, 2017

15 Useful and Cool Cleaning Tools.

No one likes cleaning chores, it's tiring, boring and mundane, but you have to do what has to be done. For those of you who have robotic vacuum cleaners it's altogether a different ball game, but for the rest of us we need to do it ourselves. To make cleaning a bit easier, faster and fun, we have these cleaning tools for you.

Mop Dog: When you see a Komondor dog you are sure to wonder is that a dog or a mop? Taking this a step further, a Japanese online store Felissimo has made this mop dog that looks like a dog. This dog shaped mop brings a little bit of fun back in to your floor cleaning duties, and while you walk him around in your home, your floors get cleaned. Buy Now: $ 28.62 .

Mop Dog

Wispsystem: The Wispsystem is a functional broom and dustpan that's designed to minimize your effort while sweeping the floor. It lets you sweep and use the dustpan while standing up that too using only one hand. To use its dustpan, all you need to do is step on its footrest and it gets sealed to the floor and you can sweep into the dustpan without the need to bend over. A telescoping handle on the broom extends from 29 inches to 51 inches long for height and easy storage. It comes with patented bristle seal technology that uses a 90-degree angle electrostatic bristles that collect dirt, hair, dust, and more with ease. For easy storage, dustpan and broom easily attach together and you can choose from four colors. Buy Now: $29.95.

Wispsystem functional broom and dustpan

Wallybroom: The Wallybroom is a cool cleaning tool that consists of mini broom and dustpan that lets you to clean up both wetanddry messes. Its broom features bristles on one side that you can use to clean up dry messes like hair, dust, and more, while the other side of the broom features a squeegee that lets you easily clean up messes like yogurt, soup, and more off the floor. The broom's handle magnetically connects to a dustpan. Buy Now: $29.95.


Baby Mop: Put this pajamas to your baby and he will give a hand in your cleaning chores. The Baby Mop is a pair of footed baby pajamas outfitted with 100% cotton dust mop pieces. While the baby moves around on the floor, the floors get cleaned. Buy Now: $40.

Baby Mop

Roto Sweep: Roto Sweep is a handpowered floor sweeper that comes with three rotating brushes and an integrated dustpan. All you need to do is push the sweeper over the area that you like to clean, its spinning brushes and its collector dustpan does the cleaning for you. It requires no power, or a bag; once you are done cleaning and its container is filled up, you can simply open its door and empty the contents. Buy Now: $19.99.

Roto Sweep

Microfiber Cleaning Slippers: With these Microfiber Cleaning Slippers you can do much more than walking. Put them on and while you walk you floor gets cleaned. These open toe slippers feature microfibers that does the cleaning for you while you walk around in your home. Buy Now: $9.08.

Microfiber Cleaning Slippers
Cleaning Slippers for Cats and Dogs: You are busy with the cleaning chores, you even got your baby pajamas and he is giving you a hand with your cleaning chores, then won't your favorite poodle feel bad that he isn't able to contribute? To make your cat and dog happy, we have these cool slippers that you need to put on their paws, and as they roam around your home, the floor gets cleaned. Buy Now: $ 5.

Cleaning Slippers for Cats and Dogs
Miniwisp: Miniwisp features patented bristle seal technology that uses a 90-degree angle electrostatic bristles in convenient 6" width that collects dirt, hair, dust, and more with ease. Its compact size makes it ease for storing in bag, car, truck, RV, camping gear and more. It's perfect for sweeping up messes in tight areas. Buy Now: $12.95.

Remote Control Sugoi Mop: The Remote Control Sugoi Mop makes cleaning so simple that even the kids will enjoy doing it. This remote radio control cleaning brush will drive around cleaning your house. Buy Now: $ 45.

Remote Control Sugoi Mop

Mofamop Robot: The Microfiber Floor Cleaning Mop Robot is a automatic household surface wiping gadget. At the press of the button this clever gadget spins around by itself as it moves in order to clean up all the dust and grime on the floor. It the mop robot reaches a wall or obstacle, it simply changes direction and keeps on doing the cleaning. Once the cleaning is done, you can take off the mop cover and wash it. It lasts for about 1.5 hours on a full recharge of around 2 hours. Buy Now: $ 117.

Mofamop Robot

Mopet: We have seen many robot vacuum cleaners in the past, but Mopet is a cute robotic vacuum. It can work for about 6 hours when fully recharged. It moves around on its own, cleaning your home; you can put it on for 10-minutes for convenient cleaning. What more to make it cuter, you can place "face stickers" so you can customize and decorate it. Buy Now: $ 97.


Sugoi Mop Mini: This Sugoi Mop Mini is a small version of the popular 'Remote Control Mop' and works in similar way but it doesn't have a remote to control; you need to power it on and whenever an obstacle comes in front of it, it automatically changes the direction and keeps on cleaning the floor of your home. Buy Now: $ 30.

Sugoi Mop Mini

Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner: The cool Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner from Japan is a colorful furball that moves around your house cleaning. Unlike most of the vacuum cleaners that require you to change the bag or empty the canister; its here that the sophisticated piece of technology and simplicity lays; all you need to do is just clean the ball using its special brush and its good to go again. Buy Now: $ 56.

Mocoro Robotic Furball Vacuum Cleaner

Smartcan: It features a powerful vortex vacuum, Wi-Fi connectivity and provides you with low bag alert and trashday reminder on your iOS/Android device. All you need to do is sweep the dirt into its integrated vacuum inlet and it will automatically deposit it directly into the bag. Pre-order: $199.


Windowblind Brush: The Windowblind Brush is sure to speed up your cleaning task. It's specifically designed for windowblinds, comes with four brushes that cleans at one go, unlike the regular brush that cleans one windowblind at one time. The Redecker Brush covers more area in the same time and minimizes your effort. It's made of goat 's hair and natural wood. Buy Now.

Windowblind Brush
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