Aug 13, 2010

Flowers X-rays by Hugh Turvey.

Hugh Turvey uses x-rays to create compelling and beautiful images. He is recognized internationally for his x-ray works and as one of the worlds few contemporary x-ray artists. Hugh was trained as a designer/art director but later was retrained under photographer Gered Mankowitz. It was during 1996/1997 that he first used X-rays to photograph and since then he had been using the technique to create series of colored x-rays of everyday objects. His work had been featured in many international advertisements, publications, collections worldwide.
"To understand my work is to know - I have mastered my x-ray technique inside out" - Hugh Turvey.

Flowers X-rays (15) 1(Image credit: trendland).
Flowers X-rays (15) 2Flowers X-rays (15) 3Flowers X-rays (15) 4Flowers X-rays (15) 5Flowers X-rays (15) 6Flowers X-rays (15) 7Flowers X-rays (15) 8Flowers X-rays (15) 9Flowers X-rays (15) 10Flowers X-rays (15) 11Flowers X-rays (15) 12Flowers X-rays (15) 13Flowers X-rays (15) 14Flowers X-rays (15) 15Flowers X-rays (15) 16Other Posts:
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LambAround said...

Wow! These photos look amazing! This makes me wonder what other things might make beautiful xray photos.