May 8, 2009

Incredible Snow Globes.

Incredible Snow Globes.

Its rather rare that you find someone who doesn't like snow globes. And even if you are among those who don't, we are sure that once you see the snow globes created by Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz, you will appreciate the work. 'The figures are store bought, but reassembled and painted by hand with tiny brushes. It's intricate work.' - Sunday Telegraph, UK, November 16th, 2008.

Incredible Snow Globes (21) 1Image source: martin-munoz.

Incredible Snow Globes (21) 2Incredible Snow Globes (21) 3Incredible Snow Globes (21) 4Incredible Snow Globes (21) 5Incredible Snow Globes (21) 6Incredible Snow Globes (21) 7Incredible Snow Globes (21) 8Incredible Snow Globes (21) 9Incredible Snow Globes (21) 10Incredible Snow Globes (21) 11Incredible Snow Globes (21) 12Incredible Snow Globes (21) 13Incredible Snow Globes (21) 14Incredible Snow Globes (21) 15
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