May 26, 2009

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses.

Collection of ‘Creative and Unusual Dresses’ from all over the world.

Duct Tape Prom Dress:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 1This is one of the prom outfits made out of duct tape. A creative use of duct tape. 'Duck brand Duct Tape holds a scholarship contest every year to see who can make the best prom outfit outta duct tape-- the winners gets $3,000 for college.'

Fascinating Wedding Gowns:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 2We were under the impression that wedding gowns are supposed to be fascinating. This one comes from the post written by J Gutwein who thinks these aren't, though the comments say otherwise. In our opinion, this one is quite simple and between the remaining two that you can check here, the second one looks quite hot and we don't want to comment on the third one though.

Paper Dress:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 3'Paper Dress' made by Jolis Paons. The paper dress was made purely out of phonebook paper for her Creative Processes class.

Chocolate Dress:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 5All the outfits are edible & are made with chocolate.

Wallpaper Dress:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 630 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 7Ben Pell's Walldrobe Wearpaper is a beautiful and interesting concept; it consists of a series of thin leather panels that you can put on your wall as an artwork. "When you're ready to get dressed, you take down your chosen pieces, affix a set of nickel-finished wire snaps to them, and voila: you have wearable clothing."

Airmail Dress:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 8(Image credit: sanalmuze).
Another one from Hussein Chalayan, it's an airmail dress that folds up into an envelope.

Optical Illusion:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 9'A hat from Comme des Garcons' spring/summer 2001.'

Can Tuxedo:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 10More...

Sugar Casts:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 11Yet another one from Hussein Chalayan, part of spring/summer 2001 show, the models were dressed in sugar casts.

Hi-Tech Clothes: Over a period of time the purpose of clothes have changed; from preserving the wearers' modesty, or to protect from the elements of nature, or for many as a fashion statement. In the recent years, significant changes took place in textile industry. Now we have hi-tech clothes, smart clothes, smart fabrics, and intelligent clothes that have become a reality. We have health monitoring fabrics, active sportswear, temperature sensitive fabrics and many others. A glove that works as a cell phone, a tanktop that helps in keeping you in the best of health conditions, a dress that powers your iPod, mobile-phone shirts, just speak into the collar, shoes that changes with the speed based on the speed and motion of the wearer.

Airplane Dress:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 13(Image credit: unforth).
Airplane dress created by Hussein Chalayan, part of the spring/summer collection 2000. It's made from the same material used in aircraft construction and changes shape by remote control.

The Hug Shirt:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 14The Hug Shirt allows people to send hugs over distance; it's a Bluetooth accessory for Java enabled mobile phones.

Anti-Aging Clothes:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 15These Nano Dew shirts and blankets contain some elements that will help reduce the signs of aging.

Camera Hoodies:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 16Created by D Eng. It incorporates a digital camera, which automatically snaps a photo in case the wearer's heartrate increases.


30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 17It's a wearable communication. It uses a flexible color screen with clothes and "fashion" accessories. The screen is connected to the mobile phone using Bluetooth.

Tap Tap:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 18The credit of its creation goes to Leonardo Bonanni, J Lieberman, Cati Vaucelle and Orit Zuckerman. This scarf can record and play back.

"Puddle Jumper" Raincoat:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 19(Image credit: BBC).
It lights up as water lands on it.

Cooling Jacket:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 20'It came from the need to keep astronauts the right temperature in space."

Fragrance Dress:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 21The tiny tubes in this dress can carry fragrances.

Muk Lux Flux:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 22These boots change shape based on the speed and motion of the wearer.

Levi's RedWire DLX Jeans:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 23'First known iPod jeans dock; sturdy control nub.'

North Face Met 5 Jacket:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 24It uses Polartec Heat technology to add more warmth on top of normal insulation and it adjusts itself to your body's temperature. 'The Polartec Power Shield fabric combined with the aforementioned technology is able to provide warmth on demand via 3 user adjustable heating levels.'

Pine Tree Clothes by g=9.8:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 25It looks and feels like cotton but it isn't, this material is made from pine fibers. Once you are done with it just throw it off.

No-Contact Jacket:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 26It produces 80,000 volts of electricity, all you have to do is press the switch and don't worry, there is an insulated rubber layer between you and the electricity produced.

All-In-One Jacket:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 27Infineon Technologies teamed with German clothing label Rosner to create this 'All-In-One Jacket'. A textile keyboard on the left sleeve controls the electronic features using electrically conductive fabric sewn into the lining. The electronic module contains an mp3 player with 128 MB of memory, with a power backup for upto eight hours. The headphones and a microphone are integrated into the collar of the jacket.

Pong Dress:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 28It's a creation of artists Max Moswitzer and Magarete Jahrmann of the Ludic Society.

SCOTTeVEST Tactical 4.0 System:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 29'The Tactical 4.0 System consists of two key parts: the Tactical 4.0 jacket and the Fleece 4.0. Both can be worn separately in whole or as vests without their sleeves, providing seven total configurations. Its 40 pockets reflect careful planning and development over several release editions.'

Health Conscious Tanktop:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 30This tanktop developed by Swedish School of Textiles researcher Lena Berglin, is sure to keep its wearer in best of health.

Sonic Fabric:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 31It's a textile woven from 50 percent used recorded audio cassette tapes and 50 percent cotton. 'The material retains its magnetism, and pieces made from it can be "listened to" by dragging an apparatus made from a tape head along its surface.'

Space Dress:

30 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 3230 Creative and Unusual Dresses (45) 33Designed by T Almeida, it inflates and expands in size, according to the user's wish.

Few other developments: Hi-Tech Dynamic Clothes Designed for the Ageing: 'Hi-tech clothes which merge technology with textiles to improve the quality of life for the ageing population will be created in a ground-breaking research project launched at the University of Wales, Newport.' And The Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum showcased "highly engineered" fabrics that have applications in architecture, aerospace among others.

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Lia said...

Love the gray paper dress...but I would have to vote for the SPACE DRESS by T Almeida...lots of potential to extrapolate for future designs. I imagine one that will puff up and envelope me when I can't take one more moment of a meeting or cocktail party!