Mar 30, 2009

Construction Mistakes.

Construction Mistakes.

What shall we call these, construction mistakes or errors or goof ups? What ever we call it, it won't change a thing and still these look hilarious. Its quite surprising to see these and we really wonder how the engineers and architects who were part of these constructions must have reacted seeing them.

Construction Mistake (30) 1(Image credit: celebrating200years.).
When we first saw this bridge, we thought it to be shopped. But later we knew how wrong we were: 'Survey-scale inaccuracy or positioning errors can lead to costly construction mistakes such as bridge misalignment. Image courtesy of Zurich U.S.'

Construction Mistake (30)  2Fixing poles isn't as easy as it looks.

Construction Mistake (30) 3How would one use this bridge to get across the tracks?

Construction Mistake (30) 4(Image credit: humorpix).
We really wonder what was in the mind of the engineers when they went ahead with these stairs and where they wanted it to connect.

Construction Mistake (30) 5For using these stairs, one needs to use the windows.

Construction Mistake (30) 6The entrance seems to be missing.

Construction Mistake (30) 7If one needs to use this ATM, there seems to be no other option than being on one's toes.

Construction Mistake (30) 8Construction Mistake (30) 9Construction Mistake (30) 10Construction Mistake (30) 11Construction Mistake (30) 12One need to resize their cars, to park in these garages.

Construction Mistake (30) 13You have a balcony but no access to it unless you climb down from the neighbors.

Construction Mistake (30) 14Construction Mistake (30) 15Construction Mistake (30) 16Construction Mistake (30) 18Construction Mistake (30) 19Construction Mistake (30) 20Construction Mistake (30) 21Construction Mistake (30) 22(Image credit: mostinterestingblog).

Construction Mistake (30) 25Construction Mistake (30) 26(Image: Credit).

Construction Mistake (30) 27(Image credit: miragestudio7).

Construction Mistake (30) 23Construction Mistake (30) 24(Image credit: humorpix).

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Anonymous said...

lays all

Droplet said...

I swear I've made all of these in The Sims.

Anonymous said...

These all make perfect sense to me. But then again, I'm M.C. Escher.

Anonymous said...

The first one is shopped. There is no way any construction firm would have gotten a road so far along without discovering the problem of alignment. There are two columns holding the road. At a juncture there would only be one column and the roads are finished with paving and lines.

Anonymous said...

That first one is bsolute bull, there is no way they would set out 2 supports that close to one another so offline.

Anonymous said...


Nick said...

You were right the first time about the bridge, it isn't real.

I think the attribution is just crediting the people who created the image (note that it says image rather than photograph). It doesn't give any location or further details.

Ask yourself a couple of questions:
Why are there lines painted on an unfinished bridge?

Why are there two support columns so close together?

Add in the fact that the texture of the concrete is too smooth.

It looks to me like something someone put together for a presentation.

wendy z said...

yeah its shopped but the misalligned bridged did happen on the germany/swiss border once due to the survyers being on two different datums

Anonymous said...

the government must have been in charge with construction...wait till you see the new cars!

Anonymous said...

First one isn't photoshopped, it's not even real. 3D modeling all the way!