Feb 5, 2009

3D Street Art.

3D Street Art.

In past we have seen the works of Julian Beever and Edgar Mueller, and once again we have some amazing 3D Pavement Art by Edgar Mueller which seems to surpass his earlier works. Edgar Mueller painted this large sized, three-dimensional picture on the occasion of the 30th anniversary (9 -10 August) of the international competition of street painters in Geldern (Germany).

3D Street Art (3) 13D Street Art (3) 2"With the help of local artists Edgar turned the street into a river which ended in an enormous waterfall.
For five days Edgar painted to create this illusion you see above. Up to four helpers suited him aside to cope with the 8 x 50 meters big area. With about 400 m ² this 3D picture is even more tremendous than the first of this series of large sized pictures - the waterfall."

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