Jan 6, 2009

Compact Soap.

Compact SoapThis soap designed by Kim Hyun Joong and Jeong Kwang Seok is far more convenient compared to the regular soaps. What makes them special is their size, which takes far less storage space in your bag, and one can use proper quantity of soap depending on the requirement without the worry of wastage.

Compact Towel:

Compact TowelHere is another one which is a great space saver 'compact towel'. Wet one of these compact towels and it transforms into a 11" x 9" multipurpose towel. Its impressive and can be of quite a help on saving space if you don't want to overwhelm with stuff when on a holiday. A set of 10 towels is only $5.80, and you can buy them from here. And if you aren't still sure of it, then here you have a video demonstration.

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