Jan 6, 2009

Cool Monitor Setups.

Here are some really cool looking monitor setups, that are really fantastic and after seeing them, who wouldn't like to have one!

Cool Monitor Setups (6) 1
Cool Monitor Setups (6) 2
Cool Monitor Setups (6) 3
Cool Monitor Setups (6) 4
Cool Monitor Setups (6) 5
Cool Monitor Setups (6) 6Computer Workstation Setups:

And here we got some ultimate 'Computer Workstation Setups', which are very impressive. We are sure it will make one think to setting up their own workstation, if they don't have it yet! Here is the rest of the gallery - link.

Computer Workstation Setups (6) 1
Computer Workstation Setups (6) 2
Computer Workstation Setups (6) 3
Computer Workstation Setups (6) 4
Computer Workstation Setups (6) 5
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Richard Cloutier said...

I really enjoy those articles where we can see other people's workstation setups !
In fact, I like them so much that I decided to create a webste dedicated to workstation setups from all around the world ! :)

Venus said...

Hey Richard, all the best for your venture!