Dec 4, 2008

Chalk Series.

Chalk Series.

Here we have 'Chalk Series' created by artist M Neff who goes around outlining shadows in chalk. A beautiful combination of chalk and shadow makes it really attractive. During the day, however the combination can be seen only for a while as the shadows moves on which can be seen in this video. But during the nights, with the light, the beauty of it can be seen once again. This leads us to a very interesting question: how many times in a year will the shadow coincide with the chalk drawing? Any answers :)

Chalk Series (6) 1
Chalk Series (6) 2
Chalk Series (6) 3
Chalk Series (6) 4
Chalk Series (6) 5
Chalk Series (6) 6About the artist: Michael Neff was born in Seattle, Washington, and lives in New York City. Earned a BFA in photography with a minor in printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design and dreams of driving on the west coast.

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Michael Neff said...

I only outline the shadows at night. In all likelihood they will never line up during the day.

I also want to clarify that the linked video is not about me.

Venus said...

Hey Neff, thanks for the information. It was nice to hear from you. Keep up the interesting work :)