Dec 24, 2008

Signal Box Art.

Why have a plain looking signal box when it can be made into a beautiful work of art? Here are some examples of how to make these boxes worth looking at!

Signal Box Art (12) 1(Image: Credit).
Signal Box Art (12) 2(Image: Credit).
Signal Box Art (12) 3(Image: Credit).
Signal Box Art (12) 4(Image: Credit).
Signal Box Art (12) 5(Image: Credit).
Signal Box Art (12) 6(Image: Credit).


And here we got something which is much more interesting - The traffic light tree:

Signal Box Art (12) 7(Image credit: chiquita).
Signal Box Art (12) 8(Image credit: deputydog).
Signal Box Art (12) 9(Image credit: artofthestate).
Signal Box Art (12) 10(Image credit: sublimephotography).
Signal Box Art (12) 11(Image: Credit).


And here we have another interesting one:

Signal Box Art (12) 12(Image credit: deputydog).

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Naresh said...

this seems good too, have a look: