Oct 9, 2008

Podium: Worlds Largest L.E.D. Screen.

Podium is one-of-its-kind, the world's largest L.E.D. screen that is 100-meters tall and will be visible from a distance of just under 1 mile (1.5 kilometers). Tameer Holding, will be building this huge screen that will be situated within the Majan district of Dubailand. This curved front is designed by the L.E.D. technology. Podium would be an unprecedented application of innovative architecture and technology which would be a powerful medium for advertising, messaging and art. The highly reflective tinted glass will be utilized to achieve the amazing visual quality, giving the huge screen a bluish glow. Aluminum panels, mullions and canopies will cover the glass components in buffed natural aluminum. The building will be having 33 levels of commercial office space and two floors of retail, with additional retail stores available on the ground level and mezzanine. Each floor is approximately 10,000 square feet and a signature restaurant will be on the second floor. A spacious lobby would feature the illusion of water passing through fluted glass channels. And the best part would be convenient parking and one wouldn't have to think twice about finding a parking place as it will have four floors for car parking, utilizing 51,600 square feet of space. And as per the present information available, its supposed to be completed by Q3 2011.

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