Oct 17, 2008

Tram Stop.

Tram Stop.

Spanish architects Subarquitectura designed this beautiful tram stop, located in the city of Alicante, Spain. This tram stop, would be the central stage of a new line of the tram, that links the center of the city to the residential areas. To avoid the existing trees the fractal access system had to make some changes in each side; the travelers can arrive to the platform in 32 different possibilities. Over the platforms, 2 vacant containers (36 meter long, 3 meter wide and 2,5 meter high) creates a floating space. The openings allow light and air through as a soft breeze in summer months and at nights the containers are transformed into two huge lamps. Benches are spread over the garden close to the paths, creating a public space.

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Could use more inspiring public spaces like this one... How wonderful would that be...
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