Sep 22, 2008

Office Center '1000' - Banknote Building.

Office Center '1000' - Banknote Building.

Office Center '1000' is a 10-floor office building designed in the form of a 1,000 banknote, by the architect, RA Studija. The exterior consists of 4500 pieces of glass in different shapes with enamel designs on them. According to Jonas Plenta, the marketing manager of Urmas, the company behind the project, says that the new structure is not just a huge structure to the power of money. For those in business who appreciate prestige, image and quality, this is the building to work from.

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discovery blog said...

Wow amazing! It looks more than a 10-story building.
Have you seen the Grand National Theater? For me, it’s one of the finest architectural designs.

Venus said...

Liza, its really beautiful and we are really surprised how we missed it. today's post will be on the similar concept. and one thing for sure we will be making a post on the one you suggested too, soon!