Sep 11, 2008

Baseball Bat Art.

Baseball Bat Art.

How many of us can think that even a baseball bat can be used for creation of art or a medium? Well if you are among those who didn't think so, then here is something which is definitely going to change your opinion. Here we got art created using baseball bat. Though one thing for sure is that we ourselves never thought that these bats could also be work of art other than for what they are meant for!

Baseball Bat Art (6) 1
Baseball Bat Art (6) 2
Baseball Bat Art (6) 3
Baseball Bat Art (6) 4
Baseball Bat Art (6) 5
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Anonymous said...

These are awesome. I want some. Where can I get them and how much are they?


Venus said...

Hey Jason, we aren't sure who created these, but let us assure you the moment we get any info on this we will post it.