Aug 30, 2008

Chalkboard Art Car.

Chalkboard Art Car.

Mikey Fletcher covered his 91 Geo Metro with 2 cans of blackboard spray paint and created 'Chalkboard Art Car' which inspires anyone walking by to a spontaneous drawing expression. It has inspired many, who participated by drawing on his car with chalk. One day he went in to get some dinner and half an hour later, there were over a hundred people adding to his car's art. An interesting project!

Chalkboard Art Car (3) 1
Chalkboard Art Car (3) 2
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mikey141414 said...

Thanks for noticing. Finally the rain of the Mid-west has subsided for the moment. Now we can get back to covering the car in chalk!!


Venus said...

Hi Mikey, all the best, hope to see something good coming.