Jul 16, 2008

Interactive Light Installation By Markus Lerner.

 Interactive Light Installation By Markus LernerDesigned by artist Markus Lerner for the lighting company OSRAM, the installation tracks the vehicle movement on the roadway in real-time and displays it on seven colorful light towers on the side of the road, each containing over 110,000 individual lights. These meters were positioned at the Mittlerer ring (one of the most congested roads in Munich and Germany), right in front of the company's headquarters. The waves on the display represent the amount of vehicle movement in the past few minutes. The more vehicles or cars go past the sensors, the higher the waves with faster movement. The ART+COM installation was displayed till April 2008.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k7GS572AfU">Watch the "Interactive Light Installation By Markus Lerne" Video on Youtube</a>

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