Jun 8, 2008

Interesting Swimming Pools From Around The World.

Interesting Swimming Pools From Around The World.

Collection of ‘Interesting Swimming Pools From Around The World’ for you.

World's deepest swimming pool (2) 1
World's deepest swimming pool (2) 1 2World's deepest swimming pool: Designed by diving expert John Beernaerts, this is world's deepest swimming pool which is 33m deep & took seven years for making. It consists of a underwater structure with platforms at various depth levels. It's filled with 2,500,000 liters of highly filtered spring water maintained at 30 °C (86 °F).

world's largest swimming pool (3) 1
world's largest swimming pool (3) 2
world's largest swimming pool (3) 3World's largest swimming pool: This artificial lagoon & swimming pool acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's largest swimming pool & measures 1,013 meters in length & 8 hectares in size & contains an incredible 250,000 cubic meters of water. It took five years to build, costed nearly £1 billion with an annual maintenance bill of £2 million. Its equivalent in size to an incredible 6,000 standard domestic & the man behind it is Crystal Lagoons founder, & Chilean businessman Fernando Fischmann.

floating swimming pool (3) 1
floating swimming pool (3) 2
floating swimming pool (3) 3Floating Swimming Pool - Germany: This floating swimming pool was spotted on the Spree river in Berlin, Germany. It's a converted public swimming hole & is called Badeschiff ("bathing ship"), as the Spree is not apt for swiming in, hence the need for a floating pool.

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