Jun 10, 2008

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products.

Here are a few things to pamper your poochies.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 1Luxury bed for dogs: This rounded design imperial tuffet is handcrafted & can take up to 300 lbs, looks just perfect.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 2Air Conditioned Pet House: Its ideal for your pet with air conditioning designed to keep your dog at the perfect temperature. It has electronic indoor lighting & keeps your pet comfortable in summers enhancing the experience of your pet. Apart from this you can also adjust the inside temperature & you can keep an eye on your pet's activities while you are away at work with the wireless webcam.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 3Elite Pet Havens: These are custom designed state-of-the-art health & luxury havens for your pets in your very home. The high-tech integrated design that features many luxuries creates a virtual interactive outdoor for your pet indoors. The options include fragrance, taste, climate-control systems, & touch controls. All these come for $50,000 to $200,000 & even above.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 4Jet-Spa: If you want something more than just a good bath for your pet then, you can check out Jentle Pet Spa. It comes with five massaging jets, a Fill-Flush cleaning system & the tub is available in 50 different colors. The Jentle Pet Spa starts at $1,700.

5 Creative and Modern Pet Products (9) 5Doghouses: These look much nicer than many of the apartments we came across.

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Lindsay said...

My dog doesn't like getting a bath (don't they all?) and I don't think even a Jet-spa bathtub would convince him it's fun times. :P I wouldn't mind one for myself though...

Venus said...

Hey Lindsay, though most of the dogs don’t like getting bath, the same is with our two dogs, but our labrador likes playing with water & most of the times you will find him in the fountain or the pool.