May 27, 2008

A Scale Model Of Mcduck's Money Bin.

Do you remember the Disney cartoon DuckTales? DuckTales is one of our most favorite cartoon since childhood, & often we used to think how would it be to swim in money just like Mcduck (Net Worth: $8.2 billion, who keeps most of his money in bullion & known to enjoy swimming in money). Well here we have a 'Scale Model Of Mcduck's Money Bin' created by Matsgull using blueprints created by comic book writer & illustrator Don Rosa & his friend Dan Shane. The blueprints are a part of the Rosa story "The Beagle Boys Vs. The Money Bin" from 2001.

A Scale Model Of Mcduck's Money Bin (6) 1
A Scale Model Of Mcduck's Money Bin (6) 5
A Scale Model Of  Mcduck's Money Bin (6) 2
A Scale Model Of  Mcduck's Money Bin (6) 3
A Scale Model Of  Mcduck's Money Bin (6) 4
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Dan Rosa said...

Sorry... that Money Bin has nothing to do with the "Duck Tales" TV show... the $crooge McDuck comic books are the work of, or based on, Carl Barks' original version of that character and his world -- "Duck Tales" was a good show, but not at all authentic to the real thing which had already been in international production for 40 years (and still is) when that short-lived American TV series debuted.
Also, $crooge McDuck's net worth is infinitely more than a mere 8.2 billion $. Where did you find that?

Venus said...

Hi Dan, the net worth (linked to the source of information) of McDuck is taken from Forbes, though the figures aren't the latest ones.

Don Rosa said...

I've seen that article -- whoever wrote it made that number up out of thin air since he didn't know how to research it but would not admit ignorance. It's not based on anything that's ever been published in any $crooge story anywhere. There has *never* been an actual amount given for $crooge's net worth. In the comics he's simply the richest entity on earth.
By the way, apparently I mistyped? My first name is Don. Sorry.