May 6, 2008

Alternate Use Of Containers.

Here is a cool collection ‘Creative Uses of Containers’ from around the world.

container Beach House (2) 1
container Beach House (2)  2This is Redondo Beach House which received the 2007 AIA Honor Award for Design Excellence/Special Innovation. Eight shipping containers painted white, with windows, door openings & they make up different wings of a contemporary-style house that has a 20-foot-high living room.
Lot more construction pictures at: Demariadesign.

container cabin (2)  1
container cabin (2) 2The Stankey brothers built their container cabin from 2 shipping containers over the period of 9 years at a total cost of $15,000. Located on their family property in northern Minnesota, one container is made into a sleeping unit while the other is made into a kitchen & storage room.

12 container house (5) 1
12 container house (5) 2
12 container house (5) 3
12 container house (5) 4
12 container house (5) 512 container house.

store  made from seventeen used freight containers (2) 1(Image credit: Purplecloud).

store  made from seventeen used freight containers (2) 2 (Image: Credit).
Freitag flagship store, Zurich, Switzerland, made from seventeen used freight containers. (Architects: Annette Spillmann & Harald Echsle.)

container corridorContainer corridor for Dutch people who never step off their bike.

Container house by Ross Stevens (2) 1
Container house by Ross Stevens (2) 2Container house by Ross Stevens: built against a hill in Wellington, New Zealand, designed & built by Ross Stevens. This one uses beautifully the spaces between the containers & the hill to overcome the space of standard container & expand its living space.
Lot more pictures at: Petra Alsbach's Flickr site.

Container city:

container city
Outside the container:

Outside the container
Inside the container.

Inside the container

container city - CholulaContainers city - Cholula.

shipping container house Paul & Sarah's shipping container house.

another container city Another container city.

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