May 22, 2008

Second Skin For Your Car.

Second Skin For Your Car.

Even if you buy a latest or most luxurious car after spending a huge amount, you will still find a similar one out there, & if you want something which is unique & different that will stand out from the rest, here are the second skins for your cars. We are sure these are going to be some head turners.

Snakeskin Bodied Car:

Snakeskin Bodied CarHere we have a Citroen Saxo in snakeskin. Actually, the snakeskin has been stitched onto the car's panels.

Leather Wrapped Car:

Leather Wrapped  car (3) 1
Leather Wrapped  car (3) 2
Leather Wrapped  car (3) 3This Peugeot is fully wrapped in leather, inside & outside, looks cool.

Fur Car:

Fur car (3) 1These cars are in fur.

Fur car (3) 2Here is the black fur.

Fur car (3) 3

Car Covered In Grass:

Car Covered In GrassDoesn't a car covered by grass fascinate! Gallery.

Car Covered By Pens:

Car Covered By PensHere we have a 1981 Mercedes Benz 300SD covered inside out by over 5000 pens. Gallery.

Chocolate Covered Car:

Chocolate Covered  Car200 kg of chocolate was used in its making by seven people & it was placed in front of a supermarket on Valentine's Day.

Sofa Car:

Sofa carThe other day we had a Classic Car Sofa wherein the trunk of the car is converted into a sofa & here we have a car wherein the sofa making material is been used to cover the car, giving it a soft feel & a sofa look!

Ketchup Packets Covered Car:

Ketchup art car

Snakeskin Car:

Snakeskin car (3) 1
Snakeskin car (3) 2
Snakeskin car (3) 3Though this one wouldn't technically categorize as the second skin for your car, but we found it interesting & picked it up. This car is been painted like snakeskin, & looks quite original.

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David said...

is there any regulations for the exterior of cars in the US, which prohibits these add-ons? Just curious.