Apr 16, 2008

All Are Not Born Equal.

Those who say "All are born equal" perhaps should see this post, may be then their opinion might change. There exists a vast difference in distribution of wealth across the world.

Is life fair?

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is life fair (6) (Source: Unknown)

The class difference.

 Paraisópolis Favela, Morumbi, SaoPauloParaisópolis Favela, Morumbi, SaoPaulo, the tennis courts here are looking much bigger in comparison to the size of the housing on the left.

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This single photo from Venezuela speaks a lot.This single photo of Caracas, Venezuela speaks a lot.

a district of central Mumbai Dharavi a district of central Mumbai - Spread over an area of 175 hectares, with population of more than 1 million people.

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Living conditions of the other half of the world.

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How kids are growing up there.

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AmyOops said...

So touching and moving. Linked it my site for you

Anonymous said...

It's because the french rev (1789) said :

" all human are equal IN RIGHTS"

tous les hommes naissent égaux en droits...