Mar 24, 2008

Origami Art.

Here is a collection of the best of what we liked & have collected over a period of time of Origami art.

Origami Art (18) 1Origami Art (18) 2Origami Art (18) 3Origami Art (18) 4Origami Art (18) 5Here you have real good galleries, illustrations, news, articles, instructions & lots of links. Joseph Wu's works includes a section of commissioned works used in advertising & illustration.

Origami Art (18) 6Massachussetts Institute of Technology's Origami - OrigaMIT. This has some really good work created by its members.

Origami Art (18) 7
Origami Art (18) 8And this comes from the collection of work created at MIT's fourth annual Student Origami Competition.

Origami Art (18) 9
Origami Art (18) 10
Origami Art (18) 11 Here is some more interesting stuff.

Origami Art (18) 12
Origami Art (18) 13
Origami Art (18) 14These are Created by a team of designers, folders & paper engineers for the Folding Australia 2005 Convention. An idea by Darren Scott, which was eventually taken, up as a project & brought into reality by director Matt Gardiner.

Origami Art (18) 15
Origami Art (18) 16Here are some wonderful models by Origami artist Guspath Go.

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Steven Casey said...

The life size origami house was an idea or design challenge by Darren Scott, which was taken up by Steven Casey who developed the technical solution in the form of interlocking bricks. The dimensions of the house and the planning and co-ordinating was managed by Matt Gardiner. The building involved a team from Melbourne origami. The interior origami includes models folded by Darren Scott, Steven Casey, Martin Liu and Brenda Saunders and others. The roof and window frames where co-developed by Steve and Matt. It took many months to create the parts and took one week to build.
It was a great project to work on.

- Steve Casey (team member/origami designer)