Mar 5, 2008

Indian Road Signs.

We have seen funny signboards, funny dog signs & now here we have some funny Indian road signs. May be many would agree with us on this one as these road signs are supposed to be simple yet meaningful, so people try to remember the quotes & follow them. But we can't help it, we just find them funny & yet interesting.

Road Signs (12) 1
Road Signs (12) 2
Road Signs (12) 3
Road Signs (12) 4
Road Signs (12) 5
Road Signs (12) 6
Road Signs (12) 7(Image credit: Travelblog).
Road Signs (12) 8(Image: Credit).

Here are few more road signs:

Road Signs (12) 9
Road Signs (12) 10
Road Signs (12) 11
Road Signs (12) 12
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Blogger said...

Hey I just happened to come across ur blog searching for questions for LLR exam of mine tomo :(..nice blog..too good and funny