Mar 5, 2008

Feather Paintings.

We have seen 'Paintings on Leaves' & now we have paintings on feathers for you. Here we have some amazing paintings created using 'feather' as canvas. Though we don't know much about the technique involved in creating these amazing paintings, but we do know this: its much different from other types of painting. There is very limited painting area & apart from this the surface of the feather isn't easy to paint on & some artists use acrylic & some use oils.

Feather Paintings (21) 1 Feather Paintings (21) 2 Feather Paintings (21) 3 Feather Paintings (21) 4 Feather Paintings (21) 5 Feather Paintings (21) 6 Feather Paintings (21) 7 Feather Paintings (21) 8 Feather Paintings (21) 9 Feather Paintings (21) 10 Feather Paintings (21) 11(Image credit: Photopumpkin).
Feather Paintings (21) 12 Feather Paintings (21) 13 Feather Paintings (21) 14 Feather Paintings (21) 15(Image credit: Featherlady).
Feather Paintings (21) 16 Feather Paintings (21) 17(Image credit: Bygayle).
Feather Paintings (21) 21(Image credit: Kellysgalleryatjoseph).

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Anonymous said...

This is an Awesome art form, I only wish I had some artistic talent, so that I could try this

Judy said...

Where would one buy this beautiful feather or the like....

Venus said...

Hi Judy, here are links from were you can purchase these: .

Kristan said...

I also sell my feather paintings online, but at a much lower price than most feather artists. Mine are still of very high quality and come shadow-box framed and double matted in suede velvet matting. Check out my prices and some examples here: :)

Kristan said...

My main site with feather painting information can be seen here:

I take commissions and both matt and frame the paintings for you at reasonable prices :)

mahesh said...

Amazing art I wish I could learn it in India pune... any chance ???

pls contact me