Jan 17, 2008

Writers' Rooms By The Guardian.

The Guardian has come up with this idea of collection of brief articles where the writers' work: 'Writer's Rooms'. As of now their collection has come to count of fifty. One thing we did find common in most of the writers' rooms: lots of books, some clutter & a computer. Least now we know where the creativity is created.

Here is a picture of one of the writers' room: 'Diana Athill'.

writers' room
My flat is small, so I work on the table in the living-room, which means eating on a tray on my knee except when feeding guests. Then I transfer all my work stuff to my bedroom and open the table up to be eaten off, so I rarely entertain. I always scribble first drafts in longhand, then type on my laptop, print out, revise, re-type, scribble next bit and repeat process, hoping that the final print-out of the whole won't need revision, but it usually does.

I'm rather proud of the chair, because I designed and stitched that needlepoint upholstery, the most ambitious of all my embroideries. The fierce woman in the painting is by Stella Steyn, the only known Irish artist to have studied in Germany at the Bauhaus, and is there simply because I like her.
Here is the whole collection of writers' rooms.

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