Jan 19, 2008

Open Sewers Of The World.

We have seen the interesting sewerages of Japan, Canada & Germany. But that's not the whole world. Here are some pictures of other parts of the world that shows the reality too. Just by closing the eyes the day doesn't turn to night.
We did receive a lot of comments when Japanese sewers were posted, some said its like space ship while others said it looks like a sci-fi inspiration gallery, like something out of The Fifth Element, like levels on Halo & all, now lets see what you got to say on these sewers where humans are staying in inhuman conditions.

sewers of RamadiSewage runs in the streets of Ramadi.

Sewers in open 8In the countryside there is enough space for simple sanitation methods to work well.

open sewerLane with open sewer. The photo was taken in Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia by Oliver Laumann.

open sewer in mumbai indiaIn the Dharavi in India, a girl stands by an open sewer. Photo: Stephanie Colvey/CIDA-ACDI .

open sewer in Karachi, Pakistan In Karachi, Pakistan, an open sewer running along the lane.

open sewer in  PRCKids playing near an open sewer in PRC.

open sewer in BangkokBangkok's canal network is both a transportation system & an open sewer.

open sewer in  Bangkok 1 Open sewer running beside the market fruit stalls Bangkok.

open sewer in  accraOpen Sewer in Accra.

open sewer in  ugandaLots of people share the same toilet, & open sewers run through the streets, Kamwokya in Uganda.

open sewer in elubo ghana marketOpen sewer in Elubo Ghana Market.

open sewer in basraAn open sewer on the outskirts of Basra.

open sewer in west africa An open sewer overflows a walkway in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in West Africa.

open sewer in  amazon basinAn open sewer near Belen's central plaza, Peruvian, Amazon Basin.

open sewer in  kinshasaOpen sewers running in residential area in Kinshasa.

open sewer in  I.T capital of india banglore
In I.T capital of India.

open sewer in india An open drain in another city ( near Ondipudur) of India.

open sewer in mysore indiaThis is an open drain & not a river, Mysore India.

open sewer in  bali This is from Bali.

open sewer in Laureano GomezThis photo shows an open sewer in the area of Laureano Gomez.

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Douglas said...

I think I'm going to v0mit.

Anonymous said...

Been all over Karachi never saw an open sewer there.
i dont think the Karachi pic is accurate....but possible.

Ya life worldwide is not as pictureque as in the developed world.

Venus said...

@douglas, for all, life isn't a bed of roses.

Venus said...

@anon, well what can be said? we can summarize it in one sentence: "all humans are not born equal?"

thaitransit said...

I Actually live near Bangkok myself and yes there are a lot of "open sewers" But none of them are used for drinking water or washing as all areas have access to clean water even it its at a central point rather than in every home.

yes the klongs (canals/drains) do stink really bad at times and are black. But one learns to ignore this problem and learns to raise the curtain on the klong boats to avoid any black water from getting on you while riding the boat.

Part of why bangkok has a problem with waste water drainage is due to the klongs once being for both drainage and mass transport leading to a open air system rather than in closed as found in western countries.

SO the worst issue from the dirty bangkok klongs is the smell/look of them.

Although one often wonders how people who's homes back directly onto a "Black Klong" Actually manage to ignore the ever present smell.

If you visit http://thaitransit.blogspot.com/

You can see some pics and video of the klongs being used for mass transport.

Jeanne said...

In the mean while our country and maybe other random cities around the world, are worried about 'non-important' stuff like that no-working Paris Hilton. I could care less about those celebrity hoods, but my feeling goes out to people like this in these countries, especially the children having to grow up here. A real wake-up call.