Jan 15, 2008

"New Paintings" By Alyssa.

A product of the New York Academy of Art's Alyssa creates realistic paintings.
According to Alyssa: I use the paint to create the water surface instead of drawing it in. It saves me from an almost photo realistic look because when you see them up close, they are actually loose and the paint is quite visible.
A MFA graduate of the New York Academy of Art, Alyssa has trained with Vincent Desiderio, J. Jacobsmeyer, and Deane Keller. She received her B.A., from Boston College in 1999. The artist's paintings have been exhibited nationally and can be found in many private collections. This is Alyssa's second solo show at DFN Gallery.

So what is she presently working on now?

Presently I'm working on a series of mostly self-portraits, although my mother is in a few, using the different filters I've been experimenting with-shower curtains, textured glass, steam, water, Vaseline, etc.
To view the entire exhibition click here. (Some images are NSFW).
And here is Alyssa's website were you can see many other paintings. (NSFW)

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