Jan 26, 2008

The Lego World.

Lego creations continue to amaze us. There are numerous creations with Lego that its near to impossible to summarize them all in a single post & still all of these creations never miss to amuse us. We have chosen a few which really appealed to us. We present to you the world made up of Lego: The Lego World.

Lego City:

Lego City

Lego Disney's Main Street:

Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 1
Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 2
Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 3
Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 4
Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 5

Lego Sports Arena:

Lego Sports Arena (4) 1
Lego Sports Arena (4)  2
Lego Sports Arena (4)  3
Lego Sports Arena (4)  4One of the biggest LEGO buildings in the world.

Venice in lego:

When you mix the Queen of the Adriatic", "City of Water", "City of Bridges", & "The City of Light" with Lego we get 'Venice in Lego' something which Lego fans would like to create.


Lego Ferrari Models:

Lego Ferrari Models (3) 1
Lego Ferrari Models (3) 2
Lego Ferrari Models (3) 3

Lego aircraft carrier:

Lego aircraft carrier (7) 1 Malle Hawking, a 36-year-old IT consultant likes creating things with Lego. For this aircraft he has 300,000 Lego bricks to construct a scale model of one of the largest ships afloat, the mighty USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier.
His model is now the largest Lego ship in the world, measuring 4.5m (14.7ft) and weighing more than 160kg (353lb).

Lego aircraft carrier (7) 2
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 3
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 4
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 5
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 6
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 7This Lego aircraft carrier is one of the most detailed models we've ever come across.

Starwars in Lego:

Starwars in Lego (3) 1Docking Bay 94 (& Falcon) in Lego.

Starwars in Lego (3) 2
Starwars in Lego (3) 3
Starwars in Lego (3)

Lego Starwars' Millennium Falcon:

Lego Starwars Millennium Falcon (3) 1
Lego Starwars Millennium Falcon (3) 2
Lego Starwars Millennium Falcon (3) 3Made of over 5,000 pieces, & almost 3 feet long, this is $499 Starwars Millennium Falcon.

Lego desk:

Lego desk
Lego art:

Lego art (7) 1
Lego art (7) 2
Lego art (7) 3
Lego art (7)4

Escher's Relativity in Lego:

Escher's Relativity in LegoEscher's Relativity in Lego by Andrew Lipson. Gravity seems to be working in three different directions simultaneously, but the picture shows a perfectly self-consistent physical scene.

Life-sized Lego toy:

Life-sized Lego toyLife - sized Lego toy 2.5-metre (8-foot) tall model with a yellow head and blue torso.

WiigoBot: The Perfect Game:

WiigoBot: The Perfect Game:"You are looking at a Wii Remote mounted on a robotically controlled swing."

Lego Harpsichord:

Lego Harpsichord

Lego Lie Detector:

Lego Lie Detector

Lego Computer:

Lego Computer

Lego usb:

Lego usb

Lego iPhone:

Lego iPhone
It is just about actual size. The service is spotty. And before you ask, yes, it costs $399.

Lego Linux Penguin:

Lego Linux PenguinThe Penguin stands/sits 25 inches tall.

Lego Statue of Liberty:

Lego Statue of Liberty

Classic Games made with Lego:

Lego Contra Lego Contra.

Miscellaneous :

Lego ads:

Lego ads: (5) 1
Lego ads: (5) 2
Lego ads: (5) 3
Lego ads: (5) 4These are some of the ads of Lego.

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