Jan 26, 2008

The Lego World.

Lego creations continue to amaze us. There are numerous creations with Lego that its near to impossible to summarize them all in a single post & still all of these creations never miss to amuse us. We have chosen a few which really appealed to us. We present to you the world made up of Lego: The Lego World.

Lego City:

Lego City

Lego Disney's Main Street:

Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 1
Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 2
Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 3
Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 4
Lego Disney's Main Street (5) 5

Lego Sports Arena:

Lego Sports Arena (4) 1
Lego Sports Arena (4)  2
Lego Sports Arena (4)  3
Lego Sports Arena (4)  4One of the biggest LEGO buildings in the world.

Venice in lego:

When you mix the Queen of the Adriatic", "City of Water", "City of Bridges", & "The City of Light" with Lego we get 'Venice in Lego' something which Lego fans would like to create.


Lego Ferrari Models:

Lego Ferrari Models (3) 1
Lego Ferrari Models (3) 2
Lego Ferrari Models (3) 3

Lego aircraft carrier:

Lego aircraft carrier (7) 1 Malle Hawking, a 36-year-old IT consultant likes creating things with Lego. For this aircraft he has 300,000 Lego bricks to construct a scale model of one of the largest ships afloat, the mighty USS Harry S Truman aircraft carrier.
His model is now the largest Lego ship in the world, measuring 4.5m (14.7ft) and weighing more than 160kg (353lb).

Lego aircraft carrier (7) 2
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 3
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 4
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 5
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 6
Lego aircraft carrier (7) 7This Lego aircraft carrier is one of the most detailed models we've ever come across.

Starwars in Lego:

Starwars in Lego (3) 1Docking Bay 94 (& Falcon) in Lego.

Starwars in Lego (3) 2
Starwars in Lego (3) 3
Starwars in Lego (3)

Lego Starwars' Millennium Falcon:

Lego Starwars Millennium Falcon (3) 1
Lego Starwars Millennium Falcon (3) 2
Lego Starwars Millennium Falcon (3) 3Made of over 5,000 pieces, & almost 3 feet long, this is $499 Starwars Millennium Falcon.

Lego desk:

Lego desk
Lego art:

Lego art (7) 1
Lego art (7) 2
Lego art (7) 3
Lego art (7)4

Escher's Relativity in Lego:

Escher's Relativity in LegoEscher's Relativity in Lego by Andrew Lipson. Gravity seems to be working in three different directions simultaneously, but the picture shows a perfectly self-consistent physical scene.

Life-sized Lego toy:

Life-sized Lego toyLife - sized Lego toy 2.5-metre (8-foot) tall model with a yellow head and blue torso.

WiigoBot: The Perfect Game:

WiigoBot: The Perfect Game:"You are looking at a Wii Remote mounted on a robotically controlled swing."

Lego Harpsichord:

Lego Harpsichord

Lego Lie Detector:

Lego Lie Detector

Lego Computer:

Lego Computer

Lego usb:

Lego usb

Lego iPhone:

Lego iPhone
It is just about actual size. The service is spotty. And before you ask, yes, it costs $399.

Lego Linux Penguin:

Lego Linux PenguinThe Penguin stands/sits 25 inches tall.

Lego Statue of Liberty:

Lego Statue of Liberty

Classic Games made with Lego:

Lego Contra Lego Contra.

Miscellaneous :

Lego ads:

Lego ads: (5) 1
Lego ads: (5) 2
Lego ads: (5) 3
Lego ads: (5) 4These are some of the ads of Lego.

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Innomen said...

As a d!e hard LEGO fan, I'm both astonished and jea1ous. LEGO seems to have becomes a toy for the rich adult, they've constantly raised in price and complexity.

You might want to consider the gundam and general robot stuff.


Another great LEGO photo set can be found here...


Venus said...

@innomen, thanks for the links, yep they are cool. Lego has always interested us since our childhood & it still continues to do so.